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Bakkoda Bakkoda
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Mozilla hit with lawsuit from former Chief Product Officer
  • This is a complaint. It's not fact.

  • She's a lovely woman
  • You're hired!

  • It probably doesn't happen too often... Right?

  • [DARTHVR] Heretic - Fully Remastered (mod)
  • I really hope i can turn the gamma down... Like way down. Other than that this looks like a nice trip down memory lane.

  • Immich public roadmap
  • I passed my igpu through and honestly found almost no speed benefit after the initial import. So i removed it.

  • Tesla Shareholders Approve Musk's $56 Billion Pay Package in Early Voting
  • It's dat dem dere one of dem market corrections acomin?

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • Would a beginner know the difference between and American or Canadian goose? Asking for a friend who wants to get into fuckin gooses.

  • Relationship goals
  • And proper neck immobilization. Bungie cords ARE NOT adequate. Please use load rated ratchet straps.

  • Notifications Received in 30 Minutes of Class — LessWrong
  • I switched to Niagara launcher. Set all notifications to silent so they only appear in the shade and then i can only see the inline notification of the handful of fav apps pinned. It's been so wonderful to just ignore my phone.

  • Issues with OneDrive
  • 😶‍🌫️

    I just wanted to use that emoji. No idea what it's doing lol

  • How do I make my immich available publicly?
  • Just run a cron job updating your IP every 24 hours. All I've ever done for the last decade or so.

    I should clarify, I use namecheap as my registrar and Afraid as my nameserver. Afraid has curl, cron and even just a url i think you can use to update your IP.

  • It's cadmium-enriched!
  • People always forget about the positrons and nega... tivtrons...

  • Apple refused to pay bounty to Kaspersky for uncovering vulnerability in 'Operation Triangulation' - 9to5Mac
  • Yeah thank you. There's a ton of ways to "hold" the money legally so Apple can still be separated from some of its money.

  • Issues with OneDrive
  • Listen, i understand your predicament, you have my condolences. Please just suffer in silence so the rest of us can remain blissfully ignorant. Please and thank you.

  • xkcd #2944: Magnet Fishing
  • We want heavy metals! We want heavy metals!

  • And there we go

  • Me in the comments of any windows fuck up post
  • It's from an old game

    2011 yoo, don't do that to me damnit.

  • Seven after being let out for a dirt bath

    Seven is going on 18 years old and still very much kicking. He's no longer an outdoor cat but he gets let out for a dirt bath in the driveway once in a while.