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Many such cases
  • Nah, their right... For people that can see the matrix (If you pardon the analogy) its fine and preferable to a desktop. However, to most people if it can be done from the desktop or menus it may as well not exist. If you try and explain it their eyes glaze over, they dont eant to learn something new, they just want to stare at the ass of the woman in the red dress...

    Im expirenced enough to live in a terminal because I host servers locally and Im a fairly recent convertee to full-time Linux desktop for gaming. Ive been shouting from the roof tops that its good enough now, to the people in my immediate meat space it falls of deaf ears, the privacy trainwreck that is windows and the evils of the modern internet are not a concern to them. So they dont feel any need to change things...

  • First images from "The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim"
  • Well... It is anime.

    According to IMDB, the animation studio is Sola Entertainment, which really doesn't have much under their belt. They are listed on "Ninja Kamui" and "Ultraman" and thats about it. I cant say much where the staff came from or if there is any famous directors behind this but they seem good enough. The bar for new LotR content isnt that high right now so ill be happy if its the quality of Netflix's+Anime colabs.

    Edit: also post-production notes say late-december 2024, and its expecting a theatrical release (good luck with that...)

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Pot, meet kettel. Complaining about cynicism without offering anything constructive is worse than being cynical itself.

    Pointing to the flaws in society is important, because not everyone has the right to complain about some entities (be it their government, religion or superiors), but your replies offer even less by failing to contribute anything and detracts from the point of the initial statement.

  • Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • For W10 you can still do offline installs with the media creation tool and telling it you dont have an internet connection, for W11 even enterprise users are all tied into autopilot, Intune MDM, and/or a microsoft account. I do not believe there is a method to install W11 without an internet connection and account. If there some some way to get the install tools to do that, I dont know what it is, and I do IT for a job...

    Honestly, making the switch to linux full time is not that bad. Every tool, utility and program other than the most niche propriatary applications have a FOSS variant, and it is starting to sound like a bad relationship when people wait for MS to make a policy, change or product that isnt comedicly evil...

    Just break up... If you need to talk at the hivemind of the internet for advice, we got ya.

  • 54% of Gen Z Shoppers Use Pay Later Plans to Buy Groceries
  • Yep, a debit card dispute is a "you" problem. A credit card dispute is the banks problem.

    Ideally, a low limit credit card to facilitate transactions and buffer the responsibility of disputing charges is what they are best at. I feel like when banks just raise your limit for being a good customer is them trying to trick you into debt and fees.

  • GrapheneOS Now Supports a Duress Reset PIN
  • Good reference, I would set it to something shorter like 12345 (same thing an idiot keeps on their luggage). Keep your pin yours, but if you set the duress code to a default PW like that (and dont have kids that would just try the it at random) if the phone gets taken there is a non-zero chance that they just guess it and nuke the device.

  • I've been disconnected from the world for a year. What happened on the internet since then?
  • Google just released their rushed AI integration and its a hillarious and dangerous train wreck. They trained it off data from Reddit among other places and the internet clearly did not send their best amd brightest.

    Sony has made the public very aware that they are not a video game publisher to be trusted over the Helldivers 2 issue a few months ago, thats an entire rabbit hole to dig into.

    Lots of high profile court cases, most importantly tacos are now legally a sandwich.

  • Google Search Is Now a Giant Hallucination
  • Idiocracy is the most unrealistic sci-fi/apocolyptic film ever made. President Comacho finds the most qualified person to help with a crisis, asks them for advice and then doesnt take credit for it. Noone put in a position of power would ever do that.

  • Windows 10 is EOL in October 2025
  • Come on over, the water is fine. I switched to Pop_OS a few months back for the gaming rig and Proton+Steam works almost flawlessly. Older titles sometimes have hiccups, but so far ive only been blocked on one title.

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • The cynic in me says you have no options, I believe there is no expectation that if 45 got re-elected that he would put his foot down and throw the US's weight around to stop the conflict. I would expect him to make the situation even worse, and with that in mind, I dont think the options are that difficult.

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • I dont normally throw my hat into these posts... But your right.

    The single-issue voters with deomcrat leanings may end up throwing the election and that is very concerning. They do not appear to understand the consequences of what happens if 45 returns. If you fall into any demographic that has had an increase in rights and civil liberties in the last 150 years, I would be very worried about him attempting to remove them. On foreign policy, his attempts to undermine NATO and his fondness for dictators and despots should be the redest flag imaginable. That shift in geopolitics alone would be disastrous for billions of people, the scope of issues at hand for the US 2024 election is much larger than the conflict in Gaza.

    I agree that this system is fucked and that it is fundementally broken. The leaders we have are both bad choices, but one activly wants to stear the ship into the rocks, and unlike last time, he knows where the levers of power are now.

    My message to the single-issue protest voters, your in the same boat as the MAGA crowd, you are a useful idiot.

  • ts moment
  • Yah... That used to be me... I try to keep in touch, dip my toe in the pool every year or so, go to the conventions and such. Almost 10 years ago I wrote my alliances auth system in Ruby on Rails, included those identicons you see as the old default profile pictures on github as the avatars on the internal forum and you couldent change then. The reason for this was that the token for the icon was your name and the posters mashed together so if a screenshot leaked we could reverse lookup who said what.

    We never actually caught any spies with that, but that was the level of paranoia and planning that went into a crappy mid-sized group, in the game of today there are actual armies of 10k angry nerds. They are much more casual about it though, which is healthier for the players.

  • ts moment
  • There is a difference between having it turn on and hardening it against DDOS attacks while haveing 500 nerds try to use it as coms for massive videogame fights (this has happened, its against the games rules, but it has happened). If you can do that in a day, please empart your wisdom.

  • ts moment
  • I still self host my TS3 for my nerd herd, and as an EvE online player (currently trying to win, but thats hard), you have to be fluent in all voip solutions as they all have different requirments and say a lot about your group.

    Discord - small group, utilizing free services, may have an auth tool, used to keep in contact with people from old groups. Remember kids, if the product is free, you are the product

    TS3 - mid-sized group (100-1000 players) requires a real IT team, will have an authentication system and generally will have their shit together. Ease of set up is handy, but admin user accounts can break servers.

    Mumble - Welcome to the big leagues. (1K+ players) The resources you require now require resources in meat-space and are rather substantial. You need real IT security and people on a payroll. It will drive your admins nuts for about a week setting everything up, but once its done, you wont have to touch it again.

    Ventrilo - old school WoW player...

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