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FPV drone follows Russian soldiers into a house, detonating what appears to be a cache of anti-tank mines.
  • Haha.. that is war.

    You go where they send you and there you wait... And wait... And wait. Sometimes some high up officer decides now its time to do X and you do X..

    One of theany reasons militaries have issues with alcohol and drug use.. it's to combat either the stress of constant fighting.. but mostly to combat the boredom.

  • Colorado governor to sign bills regulating funeral homes after discovery of 190 rotting bodies
  • I only have 2 wishes.

    1. I want my remains scattered through Disney world
    2. I don't want to be cremated
  • Where can I find the rules for
  • Go to your profile, settings, blocks, Instances and add That massively helps you enjoy the fediverse more.

  • Where can I find the rules for
  • Automod reports because the users is from here.

  • Netanyahu to address Congress, House Speaker Mike Johnson says
  • Oh wow.. you saw an opportunity to also burn Boeing and their shit practices in there.. well played.

  • Sweden orders review after 'explosion' of ADHD cases
  • Who would have thought that if you go out and actively look for stuff you might actually find it.

    But review is good I guess. Is it being over diagnosed, or do we really have to rethink stuff because there are loads of people struggling in the construct we have created because they are not neurotypical.

    My guess is ADHD is more common than we thought and it needs to get more attention by not only diagnosing and medicating where needed, it also requires other systemic changes to accommodate for ADHD.

    Like dyslexia.. on my youth people where just considered slow or stupid.. turns out they had a condition out of their control.

  • FPV drone follows Russian soldiers into a house, detonating what appears to be a cache of anti-tank mines.
  • Quick, hide from the angry explosive drone in a building filled to the brim with additional explosives.

    This feels more like a wile-e-coyote action than anything. You can just imagining them realizing and holding up a little help sign.

  • The countries with the most Fediverse servers are rich and former/current colonial powers. One of the best true barometers of the success of the Fediverse is how quickly we can turn that on its head.
  • I think I responded to the tone and then you see premise that insinuated that colonial oppressors are just using their advantage to once again oppress the poor indigenous people of wherever in yet another way. Which I don't agree with.

    The concept of the fediverse seems to be that admins host instances and are pretty welcoming to new communities... So if someone from I dunno Togo would setup a lomé or togo-politics community it would be supported. Meaning anyone from anywhere can use the infra provided to setup and moderate their communities.

    If anything the system allows people more advantaged with resources (time, money, know how) to provide an open space that can be used by everyone (within reason). Without being beholden to big tech and her hidden profit driven agenda.

    I would be more concerned about accessibility and usability from the perspective of a lot of people. As many countries that are still developing have limited time and access. And I don't know if the current state of the fediverse in it's development is of much help.

    I'llIncreasing the usability of the whole ecosystem with improved clients, moderation tools etc (the stuff that fediverse users are requesting, and those devs are working on) will help.

    Once it is mature, more will come. And like with tech, financed by early adopters this seems similar.

    In the mean time I see people from all over the globe post stuff about many things, including national interest stuff that would otherwise have passed me by.

    And I don't see stuff posted in languages I don't comprehend because my profile filteres them out. I don't know if there are any Swahili/Papiamento/Mandarin/Indonesian posts on lemmy, but Lemmy supports many languages so that might be a thing.

    Lastly the whole us vs them (colonial powers, oppressors etc etc) might be applicable to a lot of the world, however, garnering support for a cause by making accusations against the fediverse and the current generation of hosts and users does not help. I would advise a more constructive stance in general. If you see people actually being as you describe call them out and tell it like it is by all means, but this was not the way to get the ball rolling.

    I'd probably gone with something like: the fediverse is growing, how can we help it develop in a direction better serving people in developing countries. To get them out from under the power hold and monopolies of the big tech conglomerates. .. or something.

    In that case I would have stuck with an answer like above.. we need to foster and nurture it's growth so it becomes a good alternative and the people will come. Plus.. you know.. ask people from these countries or maybe even get devs from there involved using stuff like patreon. Getting feedback from people not using your product.. and finding out why they don't is hard.

    But Lemmy for example already did a solid by making sure the platform supports a looooot or languages "out of the box".

    Hope that's better :).

    For the record, I did not downvotes your reply as it deserves an actual response.

  • Judge Hints at Plans to Rein In Google’s Illegal Play Store Monopoly
  • It is about using your monopoly to influence the market and playing favorites for your own gain without disclosing your bias. If you highlight certain apps not because they are good but because they make you the most money, you are well on your way to abusing your monopoly.

    And having your appstore installed means 90% of people never venture outside the walled garden. So even if there are theoretical alternatives, in practice there aren't.

  • The countries with the most Fediverse servers are rich and former/current colonial powers. One of the best true barometers of the success of the Fediverse is how quickly we can turn that on its head.
  • Yeah.. those leeches from underdeveloped countries should be hosting fediverse servers with all that expendable income they have.

    What a shit take.

  • Lithuanian hospitals urged to step up crisis preparedness for war or emergency situations
  • Most western countries seemed to have swapped strategic reserves for the sweet sweet cost savings of just in time delivery across the board.

    Covid, the supply chain collapse, ever given, Russo Ukranian war should by now have emphasized some stuff needs to be on stock.

    And because in a lot of countries healthcare is free market.. the lawmakers should mandate having enough stock for operation for x days.

  • Military support for Ukraine | Federal Government (Germany)
  • Sont thumb your nose at those support vehicles. They are not common and Ukraine needs them. So the fact that Germany is providing them helps.

    But yeah.. I hope they supply a nice catch of Taurus. Did the leaked recordings of those Airforce officers not suggest they would need around 20 to blow up that bridge.. so give them 50 for a strike on that bridge and take out both the rail and car decks in a single massive strike. But apparently integrating Taurus to the supplied f16s would be a "thing".

  • Russia smashes train tracks in a battered Ukrainian border region where children are being evacuated
  • Except the Russians have been doing their best to maximize civilian casualties, and pretending this does not help that goal is also a bit disingenuous.

  • Deadliest predators invade popular tourist spot weeks before summer
  • Also.. it's their house, they go where the food is at.

  • Are Russia and North Korea planning an ‘October surprise’ that aids Trump?
  • And here some people will just ignore or deny how this conflict and Russia making the whole planet less safe.

    This is just a 2 for one. They get ammo and ballistic missile, while the payment allows them to stick it to the US at the same time.

  • Newsom signs bill allowing Arizona abortion doctors to work in California
  • Besides the fact it is the right thing to do.. I hope they can setup reproductive health centers for out of state americans.

    Oh the horror of all these high earning, educated people moving to your state.. the horror, the taxes...

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