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  • Like Anakin talking in R2 speak lol

  • What is the difference between album of the year and record of the year?
  • Isn't the record of the year a single?

  • Millennia | First Gameplay!
  • Skimming the video I'm not sure it isn't

  • Patrick Stewart Reveals New Star Trek Movie Script Featuring Jean-Luc Picard Is In The Works
  • 2 seasons were a mistake and by far the worst trek seasons from any show, the third season while being massive fan service was just what I seemingly wanted as I loved every second and was a great ending to the TNG crew

  • I Wonder What Star Citizen Is Up To - Aftermath
  • Strongly disagree, except the sound design which is incredible.

    My dreams of exploring the galaxy were fully realised in Elite: Dangerous.

  • First Dream Chaser Vehicle Ready for Final Testing -
  • My name is John Crichton, an astronaut. A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole. Now I'm lost in some distant part of the universe on a ship, a living ship, full of strange alien life forms. Help me. Listen, please. Is there anybody out there who can hear me? I'm being hunted by an insane military commander. Doing everything I can. I'm just looking for a way home.

  • Is anyone playing on steam deck?
  • I'm about 40 hours in, I have a 3080 card and ultra wide monitor but have played 90% on my steam deck. No crashes, performance is good enough and everything is readable. It's my perfect handheld RPG.

  • Alternative UI: Photon
  • Same here

  • Not seeing all comments
  • I have the same issue, that post I see a small fraction of the posts compared to viewing in a browser.

    This is the best app by far for me but missing many comments is the last thing I need.

  • Missing comments
  • I'm on the latest beta which mentioned fixing missing comments but it's still exactly the same

  • Missing comments
  • Ok so the issue is with sorting, hot and top are filtering the number of comments I see.

    Hot and Top show 9 comments, new and old show 12. Viewing on Lemmy website shows me 14 comments.

    IMO all sorting options should show the same amount of comments.

  • Missing comments

    I've just noticed I'm not seeing all the comments, I noticed on a post in Games which showed 24 comments but I could only see 9. Looking at it on the Lemmy website I can see one is posted from a different instance and I can't see that or the replies in Connect.

    Here is the post

    My account is on Lemmy world which is where my Connect is signed into.

    just bought the Dallara F3 on a whim.
  • It's a great car to drive, open wheelers are the most fun for me to drive

  • Posts aren’t showing in the communities I mod.
  • Check the language settings, make sure the top one is selected, undefined I think.

    I kept stumbling on communities with no posts or a couple yet the sidebar showed lots, it was my language settings.

  • Are steam key sites legit/worth it?
  • G2a isn't a legit site, they have a market place for key sellers and who knows where those keys come from. I've used it in the past and had a couple of games pulled from my steam account.

    Fanatical though is legit.

  • Anybody feel like 2023 could be another 1997 for Star Trek?
  • I agree SNW is just OK, I loved season 1 but so far I'm finding season 2 a bit of a let down.

    However, I found season 3 of Picard to be the best Trek in a long time, better than all the new shows and new movies. Sure it was massive fan service banking on nostalgia, when Picard was announced I was all in for a new look at an older Picard but after the steaming turd they delivered for 2 seasons it was a nice send off for the original crew while keeping that time period open for more Trek.

  • Star Wars Outlaws won't procedurally generate planets, unlike Starfield | Eurogamer
  • Developer Massive Entertainment - with publisher Ubisoft - proudly claimed the game was the "first ever open-world Star Wars game"

    Did they forget about Star Wars Galaxies?

  • GammaOS custom firmware for Anbernic RG405M
  • It's a must have for the 405M really

  • Pocket Casts Plus increases subscription pricing to $33.99 from $10
  • You inspired me to look at antennapod and within 10 minutes pocket casts was uninstalled.

    Been using pocket casts since the beginning but starting to get fed up with apps wanting more and more of my money.

  • 3 comments on a post, but Lemmy says there are 5
  • I noticed lots of posts were missing, like some communities were completely empty but in the sidebar it showed as having dozens of posts. I went to settings and made sure I had English and undetermined selected and suddenly they all appeared.

    Not sure if that would be the same for comments but worth trying.

  • [Bug] Adaptive Icon

    The adaptive icon for me on a Pixel 7 is just __a single block of colour. That colour does change according to my theme but It would look a lot nicer if it was just a C

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