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The Talos Principle 2 | Road to Elysium Reveal Trailer | Coming June 14
  • I didn't even know this was coming. I'm beyond excited.

  • A map of the British Empire in America (1746)
  • If you've ever been in southern VA in the summer you'll understand the name "Dismal." It is nice that we have protected wetlands though.

  • Danger Noodle
  • Ah yes, the "Flounder" of the snek world.

  • Cyber-attack on London hospitals declared critical incident
  • This article makes it sound like the hospital was attacked when it was the lab/pathology service provider that was attacked. So no access to lab tests/results means no care. I am real interested in knowing what lab information system they are using. My guess is that software company had their servers attacked thus shutting down access to the software.

  • Stare at it.
  • I can hear the vocal inflections in this comic.

  • everything actually important is already metric
  • My theory on this is we use the imperial weights when describing the size in relation to the jail time associated with getting caught with it and then switch to metric for personal use.

  • [Discussion] Do you still use your Steam Deck much?
  • I'm using mine almost exclusively now. My PS4 is dying and I don't want a PS5 so I'm currently buying my favorite games from that system in steam. Occasionally I'll co-op game on the Xbox with my husband and I'll pick up my switch whenever I get the itch to play animal crossing. But truthfully my vision is getting worse as I get older so the steam deck has become my favorite. My only regret is not getting the version with bigger storage. I haven't tried streaming games from my PC yet but that's my only option right now for larger games like Forza.

  • Rule
  • That is awesome.

  • They're so close to solving the mystery
  • Yea this pic was giving me real "Sonny" vibes.

  • It's time to move to Linux - YouTube
  • Cool. Yea I saw all of the hardware they're pushing and that's what made me wonder what's going on there. I use professional grade software for work but I'd like to have more professional features for home too without the high cost of entry.

  • Trying to buy a house is 'playing a game you can't win'
  • 13 years ago I bought my childhood home from my parents. They basically gifted me the down payment and my dad helped me update it. I was exceptionally lucky them and I'd have no chance in hell buying a house now.

  • It's time to move to Linux - YouTube
  • Just looked at Resolve and I definitely want to try this out. It almost sounds too good to be true. Anyone here tried it?

  • Brakiosaruii
  • Nice

  • How to give your dad a heart condition
  • Not even a dad, and this stresses me out. Good job 👍

  • 'Who lives in a house like this?'
  • I immediately thought of House Flipper.

  • Now that DuckDuckGo is out. Give me your search prompts and I'll answer them as best I can. That includes images (based on what I have saved on my PC). So what is it you wish to know or see?
  • What's the point of using an added custom data card in power apps forms if it doesn't have an update property? (I don't actually expect any answer as I'm pretty sure Microsoft builds shit like this to purposely troll new learners. I just need to vent some frustration.)

  • Favourite word and why?
  • Asinine. It's a perfect descriptor and it's succinct.

  • Beginner Linux Guides
  • Ooo I just started my Linux journey and I'm definitely checking out that YouTube channel.

  • Semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan can remotely disable their chip-making machines in the event of a Chinese invasion.
  • It's a small deterrent for China but a bigger incentive for other countries to defend Taiwan.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • I installed Mint this past weekend. I like it and my laptop no longer sounds like it wants to blow up.

  • It's a sad day Sheldon Menery, Magic Great, Passes

    It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague, Sheldon Menery.

    Sheldon Menery, Magic Great, Passes

    Tarantula mid molt

    Here's another old picture from my vault. This is one of our Greenbottle blue tarantulas (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens). We spent the day watching this little guy molt from start to finish and took pictures of the whole process. You can see in this picture that he is laid out on his back on his molting malt. At this stage he has split from the carapace lengthwise down the sides and is currently pulling his legs out of the molt. We had two at the time and wanted to breed them but they both turned out to males.


    Bert is not amused

    Playing a game of magic with my husband at the table and look over to see Bert giving us side-eye. Bert prefers dance parties over card games.



    Here's a pic of my favorite little guy and one the only good pictures I've ever taken. Unfortunately he turned out to be a male so I didn't have him too long but he was a great tarantula to keep.


    Mr Max gets his nails done

    I don't know how many of you follow Mr Max on YouTube. There are many videos of him throwing tantrums about going to the vet. A new video just came out and we finally get to see what all the fuss is about!