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The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law
  • I linked it because I recall it having a lot of cogent points and being relevant, and because I don't remember off the top of my head the specific allegations, I didn't want to dig through a two hour video I've already seen at the exact moment of writing because I only had so much time and research to dedicate to a Lemmy comment. It's valid to be annoyed by a long video linked as an argument, but my comment was a "too long didn't watch" version of it... that actually left out some details like the founder also being a fucking eugenicist.

    I also use an adblocker, and the vid has some opinions obviously but was mostly going over evidence, recordings, and related allegations.

    You don't have to watch it if you don't want to. I linked it as a secondary source. While primary sources are preferable and it might have been a good idea to do the legwork myself, I wanted something posted quick to maybe make people think twice on the "donate to TST" call to action in the initial comment.

  • The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law
  • TST is not a super great org unfortunately. They do stuff for great headlines but apparently little in the way of effective advocacy. I've also heard that there are pretty bad issues with misogyny among the upper echelons. While it's extremely long at 2hrs, Dead Domain's video on the subject goes into great detail.

    It's really unfortunate, I wanted to believe they were fighting the good fight but I don't know if I can in good conscience anymore

  • Dinner time!
  • >dinner is done
    >announce dinner
    >everyone shows up 10 minutes later

    Some of the food is cold because I didn't cover it, but why should I? It would have been fine if they came to the table when I announced dinner.

    >next day
    >dinner is almost done
    >remembering yesterday, I decide to announce dinner 10 minutes early so that 10 minutes later is "on time"
    >everyone arrives to the table immediately, remembering that it was cold yesterday not wanting that to happen again

  • Happy dreams
  • I have a version of this where I dream I went back to high school for some convoluted reason like redoing the classes to get better grades or take classes I wasn't actually able to. It's gone several ways, but it usually involves getting the schedule mixed up and finding out two of the classes are during the same period but I can't do anything about it or don't realize until it's far too late to fix.

  • There are a lot of low-paying jobs out there. I'm just saying...
  • There's also the aspect of designing roads in a way that discourages driving dangerously, like in the Netherlands. Raised crosswalks, speed bumps, narrowed lanes, physical barriers, etc.

    If we make completely straight, flat roads with wide lanes going through neighborhoods, people are just going to drive down them fast because that's what subconsciously feels like the correct speed.

  • me_irl
  • So I'm just curious, where the hell did all the wonderbread hate come from? It's like suddenly everyone has a vendetta against it. I'm not particularly fond of it myself in lieu of traditional bread but like, it's fine?? The added sugar/HFCS is fucked but I'm pretty sure you can buy varieties that don't have that.

  • Is Your Phone Listening to You? | NOVA
  • The device wouldn't necessarily have to be constantly streaming the audio to a central server. If it's capable of hearing wake up words like "Ok Google" it's capable of listening for other phrases and having onboard processing to relay back the results much more compressed. Whether or not this is common practice is another matter, and yes the algorithms are scary good even without eavesdropping.

  • Using Ubuntu may give off hipster vibes to the average PC user, but within the Linux community its has the opposite effect.
  • Technically, steamOS because it's designed to play games and it's what the steam deck uses. That probably won't have many other non-gaming features though, and I've personally never used it. In my experience, you can get most games without a hyper-aggressive anti cheat working on any Linux distro with varying degrees of effort, just a matter of having all the needed libraries installed! The more popular distros like Ubuntu, popOS, Fedora, even Arch (btw) should have a lot of helpful information out there on how to get Lutris or Steam set up.

  • Democracy is back on the menu!
  • If they reverse course and everyone still refused to play out of principle, the only thing Sony learns is that they should just double down. The situation becomes a calculated move between the shareholder value linked PSN accounts create vs whatever they permanently lose in playerbase numbers, instead of a give and pull between a corporation and the community for one of its games. Not playing after they give in just tells them that there was no point in walking it back, and they might just reinstate the policy because at least they'll get that tasty user data out of whoever they didn't burn the bridge with.

    I mean it's your choice, but I'm just extrapolating what your stance entails if everyone were to take it.

  • Anyone else noticing a lot more "Access Denied" pages while using hardened Firefox lately?

    I use Firefox whenever I can.

    On first install of the browser I usually end up following a hardening guide which includes stuff like blocking cross site cookies, setting a few things in about:config to disable Pocket/etc, and installing uBlock Origin. I've taken what I consider a relatively balanced approach, I don't use anything like noScript, uMatrix, etc that ultimately just cost a lot of time fiddling to get the 10th website of the week working.

    I've been more or less fine browsing the web this way for years, but around the start of 2024 I've started seeing way more "Access Denied" pages than I used to. I think part of it is Cloudflare or similar, but I don't know exactly what's changed or what's triggering it to occur.

    It usually goes away and I can re access the site in 10-30 minutes as usual, but I've had it occur in really weird instances, such as trying to change my Minecraft skin and getting blocked by the website. The server block often goes away immediately if I switch my user agent, so I know that it has something to do with how I've got everything set up.

    Not sure what anyone else's experience with this has been. I'd like to hear some of your thoughts and tips