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Engine Bursts Into Flames on Boeing Plane With 468 Aboard
  • How useful was your comment?

    We're not a corporation, we're not measured by any form of effectiveness or efficiency, we're just people posting comments on a relatively obscure platform.

    Excuse me while I make childish comments about how absurd the media is. :/

  • boss makes a dollar
  • That's when you look for a new job.

    I'm not one to defend companies at all, but in my experience when I can actually prove I'm "better" than my coworkers I've gotten the raises I've asked for. I make every attempt to prove my value, come with the argument, and if they deny me then I quit after I've found something else. (I'm a blue collar schmuck so it's not like I'm some high demand tech bro.)

    You have to ask, they will never just give you a raise.

    That said I've never worked for a corporation other than my retail days, but you'd never be able to prove any "value" in those situations anyway.

  • Video Game Execs Are Ruining Video Games
  • Take this with a grain of salt because I can't think of the proper search terms to verify what I think I remember reading:

    Once upon a time corporations couldn't be created unless they proved a benefit to society. We really need to go back to that...

    Edit: with more time I found something.

    "In the United States, the first important industrial corporation seems to have been the Boston Manufacturing Co., which was founded in 1813.

    Experimental in nature and spaced out in time, these early ventures grew mostly independent of one another (the article mentioned older companies from around the world that I left out) But they had one thing in common: even as for-profit ventures, they were explicitly required to serve the common good.

    For the first companies, the privilege of incorporation, often via royal charter, was granted selectively to facilitate activities that contributed to the population’s welfare, such as the construction of roads, canals, hospitals and schools. Allowing shareholders to profit was seen as a means to that end. Companies were deeply interwoven within the country’s or town’s social fabric, and were meant to contribute to its collective prosperity"

    Source (I know, it's not a source I'd use for a college paper):

  • Video Game Execs Are Ruining Video Games
  • I'm trying my hardest to not buy any "AAA" game. The major corporations have lost me as a customer, I'll only be buying indie games.

    ... except monster hunter... It's been part of my life too long and it's one of like 3 game series I always play with an old friend lol

  • Dutch woman, 29, granted euthanasia approval on grounds of mental suffering
  • For me I don't want someone to have to find me and deal with the aftermath. I'd much rather it be a planned thing so no one else has to suffer just because I needed to end it all. Unfortunately I'm in a country where that's not possible so when the time comes I need to go deep into a forest or something.

  • AI's most notable accomplishment...
  • A handful of already obscenely wealthy people will get vastly more wealthy and we'll all be stuck with the shit "products" they've ruined with AI... Totally not a broken system we have.

  • US prisoners are being assigned dangerous jobs. But what happens if they are hurt or killed?
  • Slavery never ended. A carveout for slavery is still legal slavery. We haven't ended slavery in America at all, just changed the legal method of obtaining a slave and making it so only corporations get to have slaves.

    We're such a fucking disgusting sorry excuse for a country.

    (For those "JuSt LeAvE tHeN" I wish I could, but any country worth a damn has strict immigration requirement$ I don't meet...)

  • Hundreds of counties around the USA have ended in-person jail visits, replacing them with video calls and earning a cut of the profits
  • People make mistakes and some are prison worthy. However, we want them to do their time, grow in the process, and ultimately return to society as better people. Instead, we throw people in prison who don’t belong there, keep out privileged ones who do far worse and need prison, don’t provide the needed help, and make prison so miserable that people can’t actually grow into something better.

    This is 100% NOT the purpose of prisons in the United States. It SHOULD be about rehabilitation and having consequences for your actions, but prisons in America are more like 50/50: corporate profit and vengeance/vindictiveness.

    The rest of what you said, funny enough, is exactly why people are voting for Trump. They're convinced that he gives a shit, and they're convinced he's going to go all "off with their heads" which is why they're never turned off by how outrageous he is and how absolutely unprofessional he is. It's exactly what they want, burn the current system and fix it.

  • Skill
  • There are also so many "skills/abilities" that aren't something you learn in school.

    I've found through my experience that I tend to be a more "valuable" employee because not only do I actually give a shit about what I do, but I also care to ask questions and actually learn about my position and how other positions play into my role. I'm not trying to pat myself on the back, it's just something I've noticed very very very few people I've worked with do as well.

    That's not something I'll ever get paid more for because it's not written on a stupid piece of paper certified by some expensive university, but it's 100% beneficial to the company.

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