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Gaming enthusiast, writer, artist, and social media ronin. Current denizen of the Dork Web, aka federated media. Doesn't play well with others.

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Live Updates: Trump guilty on all counts in hush-money case
  • You should see all the human filth on YouTube defending him, and claiming the jury was paid off. Only in your tiny, diseased, kill-billy minds.

  • Morgan Spurlock dead: Super Size Me director dies at 53
  • Can we super size our fries again?

    (Too early?)

  • Oldest known human viruses found hidden within Neanderthal bones
  • No, that was just Marjorie Taylor Greene. Easy mistake to make.

  • Reddit locks down its public data in new content policy, says use now requires a contract
  • Sure, why not. People gave you all the information on Reddit for free, you might as well sell it to the highest bidder without compensating them. I call it the "Veasey maneuver."

  • Federal judge indefinitely postpones Trump classified documents trial
  • She'll for sure get a seat on his SCROTUS.

  • World's 1st 'tooth regrowth medicine' to be tested in Japan from Sept. 2024
  • Man, I don't know about this shit. You ever watched the Spider-Man cartoon, and the scientist guy uses lizard DNA to regrow his severed arm, except it actually turns him INTO an alligator? This tooth medicine could make you all teeth. You'd look like Pac-Man, or Sheryl Underwood.

  • The Affordable Connectivity Program Kept Them Online. What Now?
  • Oh crap, I gotta contact my online company about this.

  • Fox News is now claiming that young people are identifying as seasons. They made it up.
  • I hate how Fux News describes Greg Gutfeld as the leader in late night. I mean, there are probably enough psychos out there watching that network to drive up those numbers, but Gutfeld is the same shit Fox News gives you in the daytime, with a light coating of late night talk show trappings.

  • Black Kansas City teen Ralph Yarl sues white man who shot him for ringing the doorbell
  • Go for it, milk that old shmegeggie 'till the teats fall off.

  • Netanyahu labels US student protests ‘antisemitic’ and calls for them to end
  • He probably calls the pictures of himself in lingerie on the cover of the Weekly World News anti-semitic, too.
    I'm not anti-semitic! I just hate Netanyahu because I'm anti-douchebag!

  • I got banned from reddit...
  • I gave up on Reddit a lot more easily than you did, that's for sure. When King Julian told us that our concerns weren't worth a damn, and when he said he wanted to emulate what Elon Musk has done to, er, with Twitter, I decided it was time to make tracks. You don't HAVE to let heartless tech billionaires fuck you in the ass for the convenience. I don't find this dick in the ass very convenient.

  • Steve From “Blue's Clues” Touches Hearts of Millennials by Beating Dan Schneider to Death With His Bare Hands
  • "You've gone to the DEAD of the Class! Say hi to Howard Hesseman for me!"
    (audience hoots and cheers wildly)

  • Twitter alternative Post News is shutting down
  • Sounds like Cohost is circling the bowl, too. And what happened to that social network started by two teenage girls? There were so many of these damn things I couldn't keep track of it all. It was like the web search industry before the Google meteor struck.

  • Persophone
  • Welcome to Perse-phone! To order flowers, press ONE! To rain fire and brimstone down on your enemies, press TWO!

  • "On the next episode of Deep Space Nine! Tensions rise when Miles O'Brien's wife is possessed by a sadistic, emasculating space demon, and he can't tell the difference."

    "On the next episode of Deep Space Nine! Tensions rise when Miles O'Brien's wife is possessed by a sadistic, emasculating space demon, and he can't tell the difference."


    Why is 2010s movie Star Trek called the Kelvin timeline?

    I'm sure there's a valid reason, but I've got no idea what it is. Why "Kelvin?" Is that a reference to a character in the original Star Trek continuity?


    What do you do with a dated iMac?

    Okay, so you know that iMac (mid-2011 model) I rescued from a thrift store for fifteen dollars? After some struggling and a little panic about the screen not working (it was just a cable that disconnected, no biggie), I got it back up on its feet. Hooray for me!

    There's just one problem, though. What the heck do I do with this thing? I gave some thought to turning it into an emulation station, but I'm not sure that a machine this old would be much good for 21st century console emulation (ie PS2, GameCube). I tried installing Dolphin for testing purposes, only to be told that the OS (El Capitan) was too old and that I'd need to download a legacy version instead; one that's likely less optimized and slower than the latest ones.

    I've been doing some research and have discovered that this iMac can run a more modern OS, Catalina, with a patch. Would that newer operating system even be feasible on such an old system, though? Years ago, I bought a netbook that someone foolishly installed Windows 10 on, and it was dreadfully slow. (The previous owners put Windows 10 on a damn netbook. What were they thinking?!)

    Also, I'm quickly discovering that Mac OS doesn't work the same way as Windows. When I downloaded and installed the Dolphin software, it just plopped it on the desktop, rather than letting me specify a folder and then creating a desktop shortcut to it. Is there a guide somewhere that would help guide me through the differences? Windows is intuitive for me after using it for a quarter of a century, but Mac OS, not so much. I think I'm going to need a Mac for Dummies book to really feel comfortable using this thing.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

    EDIT: This wasn't mentioned in the original post, but I wanted to clarify that I've already put an SSD into this system. It's the reason I had to open it up in the first place... and then put in the terrible, terrible screen screws. (Ugh, I'm still having flashbacks.)


    Apple iMac (mid-2011) woes. Can anyone help?

    Okay, so I got one of these at a thrift store for $15, and had the galaxy brain idea to open it up and swap out the old plate hard drive with an SSD, even though I don't have much experience repairing Apple devices.

    You quickly come to the realization that while these machines are user-friendly, they're very UNfriendly to repair. There's a glass cover for the screen which must be suction cupped off, and eight Torx screws holding the display in place. When the screws are removed, they're quickly grabbed by the (STRONG!) magnetic edges of the system, making them an absolute "joy" to deal with. And what's worse, there are four data cables on the display, all difficult to reach. I accidentally pulled one of these out while reaching for the other three, and I'm a little worried that I may have damaged it. (It's the flat cable attached to a bronze connector, likely the screen data port.)

    Anyway. I put the crazy thing together, and while I can hear it boot and the fan spin, the Apple logo does not glow white and the display does not turn on. So I'm a little worried I may have screwed myself on this attempted repair.

    My two questions are this:

    1. Does anyone know the specific size and thread of the screws around the edge of the display? I'd like to swap them with something that isn't magnetic, and I've heard brass screws will do the trick.
    2. Next time I open this machine, I'll check the four display cables to make sure they're properly connected, but... what recourse do I have if the cable and/or connector are damaged? It seems like a display or motherboard swap would be necessary, and it's hard to justify that for a $15 computer, as much as I'd like to bring this back to life.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, and my apologies if I've put this in the wrong magazine.

    explainlikeimfive ArugulaZ

    Okay, I'll start things out. What the hell is "federation," anyway?

    Okay, I'll start things out. What the hell is "federation," anyway?