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Where is the update?
  • Better communication. I've been with you for a very long time since Reddit in the early days before any of the redesigns or anything like that. And I'm very aware of the typical way you operate. But in this case, it was very frustrating to feel like I paid into something and paid significantly more because I believed in supporting it still. And you just go completely dark. At least let us know. It's going to be a few months while you work on something. Thanks for responding

  • Where is the update?
  • Because he changed the pricing to say he could work on it full time. Working on a full-time means more than what he's done. I don't even need particularly more frequent updates than he is necessarily given. Although that would be nice to squash some of the bugs. But it least communicate with your community. You can't just post a beta that basically no one has access to and then peace out again

  • Where is the update?
  • Yes you are the idiot you dense motherfucker. You keep moving the goal posts too. Its gone from you saying "I should have tried the free version" and me saying I have. To you just going well The free version is good enough. I don't know why the fuck you paid for it. Lmao

    Its not worth even trying to explain it to you cause you are denser than a black hole. Which is where any knowledge for you goes anyways.

  • Where is the update?
  • It inherently couldn't be the same app. It is entirely different website. But it is very obviously built on the same app. Everything functions almost exactly the same. Even some of the wording is still styled after Reddit.

    I dont know how much more dense you can fuckin get. Your argument doesn't even hold up when talking about this specific app if I take out the previous app beforehand as well. Because they were updating frequently for the first couple months. That gives me at least a few weeks to try the free version. Before deciding if it was worth it . How long was I supposed to wait months?almost a year? Before purchasing the paid version? I don't wanna look at ads for the better part of a year to find out whether they actually seem "committed to the app". Your argument is still so fucking stupid and dense because if you tried the free version in the very beginning. Based on the communication from the developer and the pricing scheme and the update schedule, it would have seemed like a decent reason to pay for it.

  • Where is the update?
  • Once again, we're looping back around to you are missing the point because it's essentially the same app that it was when it was used for Reddit. So a lot of people have test driven the app for years. The point is because of Lemmy updates. The app is now breaking. And there is no update in sight or communication.

  • 196 Party rule
  • Yeah and I just sufficiently explained probably why he was so fucking weird. Go read about his life. Was very fucked up. And he was abused and mistreated most of his life. I end up weird if that happened to me too

  • 196 Party rule
  • You know everyone that claimed that my Micheal Jackson did some fucked up shit. Basically later was found out to either have been lying or admitted to lying. Go ahead read his wiki.

    There is also the fact that he was horribly abused most of his life. And likely had body altering practices forced on his body to maintain his voice. And you know given those things it seems pretty acceptable for someone to have major trauma. Trauma that could easily make you want to act like a child in your life or try and recapture that wonder with you know theme, parks and hanging out with other children even though it seems creepy. Because they completely lost their childhood and were abused for all of it.

  • Where is the update?
  • I did like 5+ years ago before the lemmy version came out.

    Your statement is ridiculous because it takes out any context or history of this app. Especially the long-standing favor that the developer has in my opinion from doing such a good job on the reddit version.

    My issues solely reside with the fact that lemmy is updating to a point that this app is now becoming broken. And this app needs to be updated and should have been updated by now. Or we should have been communicated with by now. Especially considering that when the developer launched this app they increased the fees and prices to further support development. But those fees and prices kind of sting now that they have basically said nothing for over a month. And meanwhile there are just more complaints on the homepage of bugs within the app and bugs that I hate dealing with in the app that make it hard for me to use.

    This is not a case of me not liking the app. I am very familiar with it and I like everything that the developer has done with it. This is a case of me feeling like I'm supporting something and not getting the same support back.

    It has nothing to do with "trying the free version" And while this developer has been known for taking substantial breaks between updates, there was no indication in the beginning that that would continue to be the case because once again reiterating it, they increased fees and prices basically stating to support the development of this app. And they also very quickly developed a lemmy version and launched it and did several updates rather quickly. So I think it's fair to have some frustration that they basically dropped off the map at this point and they haven't updated the app for regular users in months.

  • Where is the update?
  • Go ahead and look at this community and all the other posts about broken issues. And look at how much more have been cropping up as lemmy gets further and farther along with being updated but sync does not

  • Where is the update?
  • And if I recall correctly this is a side project for him so updates are not as regular as people expect.

    That's kinda bs imo given how heavily they have monetized this version compared to the last.

    I was fine having a very low amount of updates and expectation of that because the app was really cheap before and reddit was fairly stable. But now they want to charge significantly more and have subscription models. And I think it's kind of unacceptable for them to walk away this much or this long. At the very least they should communicate more.

  • Where is the update?
  • This is my biggest issue here. And it also worked fine with how much cheaper the app was before. I didn't mind him working on this as a side project. But between subscriptions and large fees, I just don't understand how we've seen a total lack of development or pause on development here, especially when we're reaching such a juncture where there are broken things about this app.

    Imo its kinda fucked to have a subscription model but not be updated even semi close to often.

  • Where is the update?
  • No i trusted the developer from a long time on reddit but i expected them to not do the same shit given they were charging more and seemed to be committing to more active development in the beginning.

  • Where is the update?

    I don't mean to sound like entitled or anything but I happily and immediately paid $20 for this app when it came out. And there were a ton of updates and now it has completely stopped. And while that worked for sybc before with Reddit. It's not acceptable here with how often Lemmy is upgrading and changing. This app is almost unusable with how many small things are beginning to get broken. Just look through this community to see everyone complaining about the various bugs and issues that are now cropping up with. Lemmy me upgrades. A month ago the developer posted about a beta that almost no one has access to and we have heard nothing since. Really don't appreciate this tbh. And I'm considering cutting my losses all together here as there are other apps that are developing way more and that i would rather support

    Unable to load other instances
  • It's because Lemmy has upgraded in this developer has done nothing to upgrade the app in the meantime. And everything is breaking more and more. I've actually had to completely stop using this app because it's so annoying to use right now

  • Dire need for an update

    I know there is a beta but i have no idea how to get in and this app is quickly becoming extremely buggy with so much of lemmy upgrading to .19. I hope there is a general update on the way soon because for now this app is getting harder and harder to use.

    How did you de-Google's your Android device?
  • I seriously do not understand why f Droid has the worst client I have ever used in the world. Like why is the official one. So fucking bad. It's impossible to find shit on there. It's impossible to update things. It turns me off to complete using it all together.

  • Who got tickets for Gizz's upcoming tours?

    I personally got a ticket to see them at the fox theater in Atlanta and im so excited.

    New Music Friday 2023-10-27

    Obviously we have the new album from Gizz. Feel free to talk about that here or anything else you are excited to listen to.

    I love you all.

    I just want everyone who is still here that i love you all. We are one of the few niche communities on lemmy that continues to be semi active. Lots of other music communities and such have had no posts for months. But y'all keep posting and keep coming back so I appreciate it. Can't wait for more gizz content from y'all.

    general ArtificialLink
    So why does this instance seem wonky?

    Like when i look at communties it doesn't show other big ones out there. And also all the subscribed counts are super duper off. On top of that all doesn't even seem to see some of the biggest posts of the day from across lemmy. Anyone know whats uyo with that?

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