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Doing something that hurts other people less fortunate than you under the guise of it being "just business" makes you more of an antisocial sociopath, not less.
  • I don't think you're interpreting the phrase correctly. It's not about harming someone in order to make money vs not harming them at all, but rather about harming someone in order to make money (or attain some other reasonable goal) vs harming them simply because you wanted to. Consider the analogous situation with animals: shooting a deer because you want to eat it vs shooting it because you like killing things. The deer probably won't like you any better in the first case, but most onlookers will.

  • Calgary woman whose MAID access currently blocked by courts now starving herself to death
  • Apparently the court system has to make decisions regarding this case without knowing the medical justification for euthanasia.

    Her father believes his daughter is generally healthy, and his lawyer previously argued in court that any physical symptoms she presents are a result of psychological conditions.

    I wonder if she has treatment-resistant anorexia. I have read somewhere about people with that diagnosis seeking euthanasia.

  • Anon can't find a good match
  • A man my ex-wife dated after I divorced her contacted me on Facebook once, calling her a "horrible psychopath". Apparently he knew my name because she had told him awful things about me. I feel really sorry for him, but I also feel validated in a sense. I get a nagging thought sometimes that I could have prevented the failure of my marriage and made the relationship work somehow. (I don't miss my ex at all but I'm ashamed of being divorced.) Knowing that another guy also had the experience I did with her reassures me that it really wasn't my fault.

  • Microsoft blocks Windows 11 workaround that enabled local accounts
  • I get that that's why they want ordinary users to create online accounts but irritating the small but vocal number of power users that this change affects seems like it costs more in goodwill than it gains in data.

  • Anon can't find a good match
  • The cluster B people can be really alluring. I met a gorgeous woman once who was extremely enthusiastic about dating me. She couldn't get enough of me. I was an awkward nerd who had never experienced anything like that before, and I liked it. I liked it a lot. After six months of dating, she asked me to marry her. I foolishly said "yes" - I knew it was crazy but here was this sexy, smart, funny woman literally begging me to accept her as my wife.

    Accepting her proposal flipped a switch. She had been high-strung before, but now completely random things would set her off and she would start yelling at me. She would yell at me in front of my family. She would even call me at work to yell at me because she remembered something and it made her angry at me. She was extremely jealous - I stopped talking to any of my female friends because even mentioning them made her flip out, but she still got mad that I wanted to spend time with my grandmother and my dog. She also started sending weird text messages to my relatives. For example, she kept telling my father that she wished she was not married to me.

    The thing is, she wasn't always awful or else it would have been easy to leave. In between her angry outbursts she was still as affectionate as she had been before, but now I was constantly afraid that something would set her off. She was tiny and never physically violent but I was scared of her. I decided to divorce her after she yelled at me for wanting to include my family in my birthday celebration; the marriage had lasted six months.

    Anyway, where was I going with this... Men have to watch out too. Usually we imagine abuse as something a man does to a woman, but that's not the only form it can take.

  • It just keeps going
  • I view the author list of industry papers more as a sales-and-marketing thing than as a real list of contributors, but shouldn't that be "Neuralink and E. Musk" anyway? The equivalent of the P. I. putting his name first like that is unorthodox.

  • Is there a guide out there to renovating pre-war apartments?

    I live in a 20-story building built in 1929 and I want to do some minor renovations on my apartment. I've worked on a basic modern house made of 2x4s and drywall, but I'm out of my league here. I don't even know how to hang a mirror up on the wall...

    If it's made of gypsum brick, can I treat it like masonry? What if it's hollow? Can lathe-and-plaster support any significant weight? Is drilling into the wall going to release some ancient evil they used as a normal construction material back then?

    I'd love to find a guide for how to do even the basic things in these buildings. Does anyone have recommendations?


    Running a modern GPU with an old CPU/motherboard?

    I have an Intel i7-4770 CPU (from 2013) and I don't think I have ever been CPU-bound so I would rather not spend money on upgrading it. However, I want to upgrade my graphics card to a Radeon RX 7600. My motherboard supports PCIE 3.0 which the RX 7600 is fine with.

    Is there anything I should look out for? I'm worried that I'm missing something that will prevent me from running a 2023 video card on hardware ten years older than that.

    (In case anyone is curious, my current video card is a GeForce GTX 960. It has been good enough for Diablo 2 Resurrected but I don't think it will be able to handle Baldur's Gate 3.)


    Should I risk breaking my LG V20?

    I bought a new-in-box LG V20 about 18 months ago because I was tired of phones without removable batteries and headphone jacks. However, it gets absolutely terrible reception for some reason (as in, no signal in the middle of Manhattan). Some guy had the same problem and he soldered a big antenna to his phone to fix it. I might try to do that but given how great I am at soldering, there's a good chance I'll break the phone. Should I do it? I don't want to have to buy a modern phone with a built-in battery but I can't just have a phone which doesn't work when I'm away from wi-fi...


    Cars are awesome.

    Driving is the most comfortable, convenient, and fun mode of transportation. Walking and biking can be OK but only for traveling relatively short distances in good weather. Mass transit is inherently unpleasant. No matter how nice you try to make it (and most mass transit systems aren't nice) the fact of the matter is that passengers are still stuck in a crowded box with a bunch of strangers and limited to traveling to the mass transit system's destinations on the mass transit system's schedule. Compare this to getting into your own car and driving wherever you want, whenever you want...

    I currently live in a place too crowded for driving to be practical - I get that places like this need mass transit. But needing mass transit sucks!