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EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them
  • Not really the fault of the EV then tho :D

  • EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them
  • Daaaamn crazy story. Scary you can just tap out like that. Good on him he didn't get injured too much

  • EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them
  • What was the issue? Do you know?

  • Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud for an easily frustrated boomer...
  • Yeah if I'd be her I'd rather cut my finger off than do that tbh 😅

  • Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud for an easily frustrated boomer...
  • If she uses software from CC and not only stores data there then I don't think anything will be able to replace it without frustration. You have to get used to a whole different workflow.

  • Ich🐮😡🍌iel
  • Gehe den Weg der Affen

  • Yes, yes we do.
  • Yeah I feel you. It's defo some work to go through it haha. My gf unpauses her hinge for a minute and gets like 7 likes lol.

    Facts. I feel like dating apps work great for people who struggle to approach strangers. The people I met with also struggled with this, but are actually super social individuals.

  • Yes, yes we do.
  • Dunno Hinge works fine for me as a guy. Not many bots and no camgirls. But compared to my gf I have to like more while she can just sit back wait for likes to come in. It's true tho that the girls liking me match better with what I'm looking for compared to the guys my gf receives. It's not like super random or proportionally less attractive girls either.

    What I really enjoy about it (so far) is that intentions are clear beforehand. I don't have to overthink a hookup convo in a bar with some random person who will most likely reject me anyway.

  • Meet the #1 serial killer
  • Give?

  • Meet the #1 serial killer
  • Well how many people did the US kill? Any data on it?

  • Be neighborly
  • Or just touch grass badumtss

  • Why Do You Pirate Music?
  • The right Deezer Downloaders have Flac tho

  • Title required
  • Hm vllt basteln die admins ja gerade und deswegen ist es so random.. hfftl wird feddit bald wieder heile

  • Title required
  • Das geht schon länger dachte ich. Ich nutze halt eh den Smartphone Client. Bilder hochladen etc geht aber immer noch nicht :(

  • Title required
  • Sieht so lecker aus :0

  • A cool guide to hot dogs
  • Is it dumb because it is not the closes equivalent? Yes.

    Is it dumb because this doesn't get sold frequently? No.

    In Nuremberg we have the same thing, but it's just multiple smaller sausages instead of 1. I'd argue you find the potatoes/kraut salad x sausage combo almost everywhere.

  • beholder
  • Huh

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • I thought it wasn't meant to be expensive :D

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • Depression

  • But it's a necessary chore for successful business dogs
  • There's nothing cringier to me than uttering the phrase 'let's connect' - in a work related context

  • Kann jemand von den Mods des Channels bitte einen angepinnten Status-Update Post erstellen?

    Einfach nur, dass man nicht umständlich nach offiziellen Infos graben muss. Es ist völlig ok wenn der Fix Zeit in Anspruch nimmt.

    Aber gar keine Kommunikation finde ich schwach und führt zwangsläufig dazu, dass diese Community hier sterben wird.


    Reichtum meist selbst erarbeitet Forscher über Reichtum: "Heute ist es einfacher, reich zu werden"

    Amazon-Chef Bezos, Tesla-Besitzer Musk und der Luxus-Unternehmer Arnault sind die reichsten Menschen der Welt. Reich zu werden, sei heute einfacher, sagt der Forscher Druyen. Aber es funktioniere ganz anders als noch vor Jahrzehnten. Von Antje Erhard.

    Forscher über Reichtum: "Heute ist es einfacher, reich zu werden"


    Damit hätte ich jetzt nicht gerechnet. Dacht es wären mehr Leute, die durchs erben reich werden.


    [Frage] Weiß jemand hier anhand eines lokalen CSC Beispiels wie teuer es zb sein wird 10 Gramm im Monat zu holen?

    Also eine Menge für Gelegenheitsnutzer. Wenn das über den 10/15€ liegt, dann wächst der Schwarzmarkt doch garantiert.


    Ist das eine Betondecke?

    Vllt kann jemand das so bestimmen, ohne, dass ich Reinbohren muss. Der Klang beim Klopfen ist Recht stumpf im Vergleich zu den Seitenwänden, die alle hohl klingen.


    Question: Does anyone else think the way that replies and comment (context) chains are designed is not really user friendly?

    See title. I'm grateful to the app creators, but as I use this app on a daily basis it hurts that I have to switch to sync just to get a proper grasp on what people are replying to regarding my comments.

    The normal option, when pushing on replies, doesn't go high enough on the context chain. The context option however goes too high, adds extra 'side' replies and I find myself searching for my initial comment again, which is a painful and avoidable task.

    A rework would greatly be appreciated. F.e. it would help if the context option would focus on the new reply and let me decide how far I want to scroll upwards. Instead of just focussing on the top level comment.

    7vsWild Anamana

    Statement von Fritz zur Kieling Thematik

    Parkour Anamana

    Any questions?

    Thought it might be a good idea for a first post on here..

    If anybody has questions maybe I/We can help out. I've been practicing parkour for 10 years myself, so feel free to ask for advice about scene/movement etc :)


    Gute RBTV 'Serie' mit hohem Rewatch Wert?

    Brauche iwas zum nebenher schauen. Vllt könnt ihr mir ja aushelfen :)


    Some feedback

    Hey there thanks for the app and all, I really like using it :) some feedback from me:

    On the UI, I think the floating plus button on the homescreen is unnecessary, as searching for a sub/finding it in the subscription list and pressing the create button is just as fast. The fab plus takes up too much space unnecessarily imo. But I understand if this is a personal preference by some of the creators.

    In the menu were we select federations, lemmyworld is also avalaible. I'm part of Feddit, but not lemmyworld. Would it be possible to use my account from feddit for upvotes and comments while browsing lemmyworld's ALL? Until now it's too much of a burden with 'open in other instance'.. just takes too many interactions. I have the feddit stream, but I appreciate the different content on lemmyworld.


    Jerboa. Falls ihr versehentlich schon auf die neueste Version geupgraded habt...

    Nach Upgrade auf die neuste Jerboa Version hatte ich immer ne Fehlermeldung mit Feddit, wenn ich mich einloggen wollte. Ich hab versucht zu downgraden, aber die App ist instant gecrashed. Ich vermute es lag daran, dass man unangemeldet immer automatisch auf ner anderen Lemmy Instanz landet die mit 0.18.0 läuft.

    Wie kann man das Problem umgehen, damit Feddit wieder mit Jerboa 0.0.34 funktioniert?

    • Internet deaktivieren
    • Jerboa öffnen
    • evtl warten bis die App nicht mehr versucht die Seite zu laden
    • LoginDaten eingeben
    • Internet anmachen und Login drücken

    Vllt hilft das ja auch anderen (gezwungenermaßen) stillen Mitlesern :)