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'Doom spending' takes hold among younger consumers
  • I’d like if home-buying was more affordable, but we are still stuck in the supply problem. My brother put his house on the market and priced it the highest any house in his neighbors sold for. He got an offer for that in 2 weeks. The housing value will crash if the market get flooded, but home builders don’t want that.

  • Teacher leaves for Costco Job and gets paid way more.
  • It really does, but She did compare it when she was entry level. She said she made a little less than when she was teaching. However, I’d take this over 20+ hrs of unpaid overtime a week.

  • Danish artist told to repay museum €67,000 after turning in blank canvasses
  • First, Banksey actually creates art. Second, This stunt generated 0 patrons. The person who does marketing for the museum generated publicity and patrons for bringing this to the medias attention. Without that, people would wonder why there was a blank canvas there.

  • It’ll buff right out
  • That is very incorrect. Each town has a contracts with a company if it isn’t done by the town itself. Mutual aid is done by town agreements. Everyone has their own sandbox and won’t go unless asked. Tow trucks on the other hand are the Wild West. I’ve heard stories of tow driver pulling guns on each other.