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Elon Musk has another secret child with exec at his brain implant company
  • The main error here is thinking that because some women are motivated by money that we can generalize that to all women. And then use that to justify general misogyny.

    There are horrible women and horrible men in the world. Prejudging everyone in a class because some members of the class are horrible is wrong.

  • Israel ready for ‘all-out war’ in Lebanon
  • I'm curious what you mean. Hasn't Hezbollah been targeting Israel for decades? There's already been the South Lebanon Conflict and the 2008 Lebanon War.

    What will they find out that they didn't already know?

  • The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law
  • You're ignoring that the law states that the Commandments are “foundational documents of our state and national government.”

    As you may be aware, it was very important to the Founders that people have no other gods and not make graven images. The U.S. Constitution specifically forbids taking the Lord's name in vain. And of course, it is required to keep the Sabbath holy.

    No coveting, either, whether it be houses, wives, or animals. Those are right out.

  • All of the bases in DNA and RNA have now been found in meteorites
  • I think the implication is more that these can form in the absence of life. We'd need a lot of space rocks to get just traces. But if they can form spontaneously there, they could form from conditions on earth, too. And that's more likely to get things started from very simple beginnings.