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One in six voters say Trump verdict could change their minds ahead of tight election, poll finds
  • They don't even bother putting the goalposts in anymore, they just argue about where they said they should be last.

  • Netanyahu says deadly Israeli strike in Rafah was the result of a 'tragic mistake'
  • Believing Israel's enemy combatant assessment is. Well. It pretty much speaks for itself.

  • US Speaker Johnson: "We don't put any international body above our sovereignty"
  • Israel serves many purposes for the US.

    Its our casus belli on a stick against Iran.

    Its our nuke in a black box against Russia and China

    Its our staging ground for when this whole climate change dealio gets sorted out and we need somewhere new to drill.

    It's a bunch of white enough people we can defend against any new terror organization that miraculously appears where we wanted to invade.

    Its our theocratic imperative to kick off Armageddon.

    It's a place we can subtly suggest all our domestic Jews move to.

    It funds the most regressive and hawkish politicians in our government.

  • Every time I hear news from the tech industry lately
  • Fiduciary duty to shareholders is a gun to civilizations head.

  • The Uvalde Police Department stands with you, ready to offer support and assistance on this solemn day.
  • They intimidated and stalked victims and critics? That's something!

  • What do I need to trouble shoot second hand desktop computer? And how?
  • I would test the ram first. Go stick by stick then DIMM slot by DIMM slot.

  • What did you buy that improved your life?
  • Rolling laundry cart.

    Now my clothes mostly don't end up on the floor.

  • Good deal
  • He sed free tho

  • Are you chatting with a pro-Israeli AI-powered superbot?
  • Sure. Sometimes that purpose is merely to cast aspersions or muddy the water. Look at the flat earther community, or Jackson Pollocks career.

    Without context these just seem like the government having a laugh, but if you understand the metrics they are trying to shift, their actions take on a different meaning.

    The idea isn't to make the voting population unified behind the president, it's to divide them against each other.

  • Are you chatting with a pro-Israeli AI-powered superbot?
  • “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    William Casey, former director of the CIA, upon being asked what the goal of the agency was (in 1981).

  • Closest death from infection possible?
  • "Oops, the arm doesn't have a face does it?"

  • ‘Never-ending’ UK rain made 10 times more likely by climate crisis, study says
  • Could you guys stop the City of London from investing in fossil fuels with laundered money then?

  • Majority of Americans wrongly believe US is in recession – and most blame Biden
  • As soon as something becomes a metric, it ceases to be a functional metric.

    It's a confidence game, so they can't blab about the score.

  • Republicans close ranks against Senate border security deal
  • Hey hey don't say that there might be an undecided voter reading this in between mouthfuls of grass.

  • Feds say MAGA-aligned mogul had “opportunity and motive to start” apartment fire.
  • Rap snitches, telling all their business
    Sit in the court and be their own star witness

  • Best Soulslike game for beginners?
  • I'de just jump on elden ring. Get some experience before shadow of the eartree comes out.

  • The Big Oil Reality Check report finds that the climate pledges and plans of 8 international oil and gas companies fail to align with international agreements to phase out fossil fuels and to limit gl
  • Wow this is shocking.

    Too bad we don't have some kind of overarching governing system that could control these guys.

    Like some kind of rule making organization?

    And then they have like guys with weapons who take the people who broke the rules to some kind of locked building?

    Sort of like what we do with destitute people or migrants or addicts? But like for causing major societal harm?

    Oh well maybe the boards of shareholders will convince the corporations to make less money for the good of everyone.