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Israel’s New Air War in the West Bank: Nearly Half of the Dead are Children
  • It's a war, they're both allowed to attack each other

    Ehhh not exactly. We describe it as a war when Israel is doing the killing (37k civilians dead) but we describe it as a terrorist attack when Hamas does the killing (<1000 civilians dead).

    the two sides are not equal

    You're not wrong

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • Speed restrictions.

    Kei trucks were designed for use in dense Japanese cities, which is why they also work in European cities. They are nimble but have a low top speed. You're not going 70 mph around a street corner for instance.

    It would work in places like NYC for the same reasons, but remember that most of the USA is suburban or rural. You need vehicles that are capable of going fast if you're going to get on a highway.

    A possible workaround is to have a separate class for these, like mopeds or scooters, which are road legal but are not highway legal.

  • Seeing this stuff makes me physically sick tbh
  • Absolutely 100% agreed. The organizers of the Palestinian protest should have kicked them out.

    Not only is this despicable, it dilutes the very important effort of raising awareness of what Israel is doing in Gaza.

  • Sure, but how many books can you kill at one time?
  • You admitted that enough of them were in favour of the insurrection and some were part of it.

    Suspended with pay. But I was implying the cops didn't "falter." Enough of them were in favor of it and some were actually there as part of the insurrection.