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Maybe it was someone from the future.
  • Do you realise how many politicians get attacked every day? Do yourself a favour and check it out. It's a lot, it's bot not the safest job in the world, many get killed. There had to be an attack by a time traveler at least once

  • What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
  • Depending on your definition of 'better' . In terms of repair ability and ease of maintenance, pretty much all old tech. In terms of price... There is no chance, it's insane how cheap tech has gotten.

    The power consumption of old stuff is also extremely bad compared to now. So yeh you can have fridges, washing machines, or whatever appliances from the 70's that still work and are easy to maintain.. They use way, way, way too much power for what they do. In an ideal world where energy is free, sure that stuff is better. We don't tho.

    Also, basically everything that uses software while it shouldn't, has a worse user experience than before.

  • Rule

    The last time you were scared, why?
  • I didn't give myself enough rope to stand up properly and had to precariously balance while securing myself about 6 meters (20 ft) up in a tree. I was secured once but would have hurt myself a lot if i fell, so yeh that's why i was scared for a second two days ago.

  • is this the right way to establish boundaries with my nosy coworkers at the hospital?
  • Nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. And if you believe that people need to owe you something before you can engage with them, your obviously not being serious. Ignoring social interaction in a group is not a great way of going about life.

    Especially not when you're able and your only excuse is that you don't want to. That's how a 5 year old navigates life.

  • is this the right way to establish boundaries with my nosy coworkers at the hospital?
  • Sounds like a one sided arrangement that's only good for you and not for the cohesion of the group. What's the actual problem with connecting to/socialising with people?

    I get that it's annoying sometimes, and it's fine to have limits. But you're working in a place where other people are working, some people need socialising just like you need space. It's give and take. You're just asking for special treatment because you're introverted?

    Sorry but the excuse that it's 'just work' is bullshit. You have responsibility, you're an adult, different people different needs, be accommodating to get accommodation.

  • What's your biggest gamer achievement?
  • Me and all members of my clan (9 players) in the top20 players in battlefield 1942 desert combat mod. We were from a stupid small village, lived and breathe that game.

    And for cs:source i was number one scout player for a while. Always top 5.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Or we're going the other way and just accept it as a tool for performing tasks that would otherwise take too much time.

    Granted that it makes the problem of teaching students the basics even more important.

  • Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • That's a very shortsighted view of religion. People two thousand years ago were extremely religious and lgbtq friendly, etc. Most religious people are vaxxed. I mean the things you attribute ro religion is shortsighted, obviously so.

    You're looking at a small subsection of the world during a small subsection of time. It's not applicable to religion as a whole and why people are religious. People are obviously not becoming religious in order to be antivax anti lgbtq, etc, etc. The reason is obviously not found there.

    And no, we can not contextualize the human condition through rational thought. Humans aren't just rational, we don't just act rationally. We have irrational feelings, emotions and thoughts. So it's literally impossible, in a literal sense. This is basic logic.

  • Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • There are billions of religious people in the world. I understand that there are millions of examples of people who are literalist and dumb. Religion has a lot of pitfalls. But most religious people are navigating religion in a personal and open manner, avoiding those pitfalls and using the same examples to do so.

  • Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • Because there is no downside. I mean, the only thing that atheist think is appealing is that they can reason themselves out of religion. What makes you think that 'reasoning yourself out of religion' is attractive, desirable or a worthy goal? It just isn't. It leads to existential crisis in most if not all cases. And then atheist take pride in surviving that crisis. Which, sure, admirable... But attractive? Of course not.

    You can be religious and do anything in the world. Literally. I know that atheist love to focus on dumb fucks and literalists, and on how religions are being abused. But the truth is that religion is deeply personal and peoples relation with religion is completely their own. It's extremely simple to pick and choose from the myriad of options within religion. Most religious people are not literalists.

    And then you get connection with people, see them regularly, participate in rituals, celebration days, rules for engagement with life.

    Plus, don't forget, an extremely old and mystic piece of human history. The attempts of people to live in a world that has a God. Their struggles, their victories. In essence a reflection on the human condition. And you get to be part of that. Atheist are often too fast to explain religion as a sort of 'failed science', while it's absolutely not. And of course if you can't figure that out you're going to ask why people want to believe in something like that.

    There will never be a rational reason for the human condition. Religion will never ever not be part of humanity. As the only way in which the human condition can be contextualised is in a world that is created, and religions are the keepers of that knowledge.

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