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Which adaptation do you think has surpassed its source material in quality?
  • It's a common Mandela Effect. Interview with A vampire instead of interview with THE vampire.

    Read the book 6 times plus, saw original movie a few times and wrote a book report on it. For me it's always been interview with A vampire

  • The stupidest FB Marketplace that I deal with Weekly.

    FB Marketplace Scam. There's a second where they get your phone number and send you a "confirmation" link which apparently will confirm you are changing an account over to them. Not sure what account, as my phone provider auto blocks these scam links.

    This one is pretty stupid. Instead of venmo'ing the cash to their "relative" who is coming to my place to pick up the item. They expect me to accept the Venmo on my end, then wait 1-3 business days before actually being able to get the cash for the product. At which point there is no cash. They continually try the scam even when I say it's cash only.

    Also if you inspect these profiles they are generally one image and zero information. These are all from fake accounts which they delete /get banned periodically.