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Les heures travaillées : la France au dernier rang des pays de l'OCDE
  • et en heures réelles, ça donne quoi ?

  • Anon tries to impress his doctor
  • 2014? That's some wine vintage in there.

  • Canvas 2024 event has come to an end! -- NCD MISREP
  • Did and friends really made no flags or logos?

  • They made her hot not scary...
  • Very good rule 34 animations too!

  • Anon is a truck driver
  • Well that's very un professional from Anon to open his inventory and bring it into the cabin.

  • Radioactivity
  • I mean, RBMK based reactors are still in use today, no?

  • Radioactivity
  • Yes, everyone with some common sense hate LLM generated texts.

  • Ken Levine says BioShock nearly went nowhere and was almost canceled: "We can't make those games because they don't sell"
  • Immersive Sims never really sold well, that's why it's a dead genre since 2017

  • The beginning of the end
  • No, they only had to convince some dude to shoot in the crowd to make "noise", then get one of the SS agents pop a bit of food coloring near Trump.

  • Is it just me or is this going *way* better than r/place?
  • Up until they started to try to take down the NCD NATO flag at least

  • Again !
  • You have IL-2 1943 for the plane part and Gunner Heat PC for the tank part.

  • Again !
  • If they were smart, they wouldn't be playing Warthunder in 2024, tho

  • Redfash comment thread for how little they care about losing their flag on Canvas
  • You realize they are joking among themselves, right?

  • Post your favorite doohickeys (incl. vehicles)
  • The Grad's distant cousin they don't like to hear about...

  • Unofficial Reddit API
  • We still do sadly.

  • Meet the New Class of Cadets in Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
  • Ah yes, Star Trek High School, exactly what we needed!

  • A cool Guide to Film Popularity over the Years
  • Can you please slow down with the reposted drivel? This one even got removed by the mods on Reddit, FFS!

  • Copium
  • Honestly I just don't understand why they didn't make Discovery with the intention of it being part of, and expanding the Kelvin Timeline. Was ST Beyond that bad ?

  • Copium
  • Not for long tough. they only have to "Kelvin" the 31st century timeline.

  • Photon ne fonctionne plus ?


    Depuis quelques semaines maintenant, j'ai erreur 400 sur la page de l'interface Photon de jlailu.

    C'est normal/connu ?

    Le site de photon hors instance semble fonctionner correctement.



    La mise à jour 0.19 est maintenant disponible en version stable

    La mise à jour de cette instance est elle prévue prochainement ?

    4, il faut qu'on en parle.

    Je suis le seul qui a un problème avec cette instance?

    Il se sont fédérés récemment à la plupart des grosses instances, et à chaque fois que je vois leur commentaires sur certains fils de (par exemple), ça me semble assez probable qu'ils sont liés au PCC. un bel exemple, le niveau des commentaires fait passer les MAGAtard pour des philosophes.

    Alors le répondre à leur commentaires agressifs avec des citations de Liberty Prime une fois la tentative d'argumentaire passée, c'est marrant 5 minutes, mais je trouve ça inquiétant à force.

    Qu'en pensez vous ? Dé-fédération ou on laisse passer ?

    Edit : Voici ce que en pensent, ils les ont bloqués avant même la fédération A mon avis il faut suivre cet avis.