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What's something you've been called in life that isn't generally something bad, but made you feel awful
  • Not so much a verbal thing, but just the general first glance demeanor on a blind date or an internet date...tough to forget.

    Also, growing up I was always told I'd never amount to anything spending so much time on computers and that I needed to do something with my life. Well, I made over $500k last year in software engineering

  • Two students find security bug that could let millions do laundry for free
  • I agree with the first part of your comment, but laundromats are absolutely a high profit business.

    source: family friend owns a bunch of them, every single one was net profitable inside of a few months and they are now basically pure profit month over month. They make more money than I ever have from a single software development job, even at my peak, and they largely just farm maintenance out and pay some labor.

  • Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • I was thinking similar. Would be interesting to see what happens. I just wonder if it'd be possible to do on a mass scale before they catch on and start disallowing bankruptcy filings.

    Might devolve into everyone just ceasing payments on CCs, loans, mortgages period.

  • Credit Card Delinquency Rates Are At Highest Level Since 2012
  • Some crazy part of me wonders what would happen if 50%-75%+ of people just straight up refused to pay.

    And, not for month. But 6-12 months. It would have to have a meaningful, negative impact to banks? Right?

  • Men over 30, what do you keep in your bedside nightstand?
  • Honest:

    • Taco Bell hot sauce packets (may be expired, who knows)
    • McDonald's Hot Mustard cups or whatever you call them
    • Depleted weed batteries
    • Old remotes that I don't even know what they go to
    • Random mail from like 2+ years ago
    • Sunflower seeds (fresh!)
    • Nail clippers
    • A couple books I haven't read yet
    • Extra socks
    • Extra charging cables
  • Pixel Watch & Fitbit HR sync

    Is this the right community for this?

    Had my Pixel Watch 2 since October 13th, been wearing it regularly since then, daily HR data is visible on the watch, but only Oct 13, 18, 19, and 22 will sync on the app.

    I've tried clearing cache on both ends, issuing a manual sync multiple ways, force closing, removing updates and adding them back, directly viewing specific days in other areas of the app to maybe force an update, uninstall/reinstall, re-pair, etc.

    The data still shows on watch but won't sync to the phone.

    Is this normal? What am I missing?

    edit: So if I uninstall the Fitbit app and reinstall it each day, it seems to sync that day so far. But won't if I don't. Kind of annoying but it'll suffice for now...

    edit 2: never mind, that only worked once...I jumped the gun.

    edit 3: I factory reset everything, created a brand new Fitbit account, etc. and it still isn't syncing HR data. The watch also only lasted 5.5 hours off the charger today with always on and location off. I'm honestly kind of bummed, I really like the size, but I'm likely going back to my previous smartwatch unless this magically starts working well in a couple days. I tried contacting support and was basically just told to do everything I've already done, so that's fun.


    Android tablet as a linked device

    Will Signal ever support this? If not, is there a recommended alternative that is equally secure and does?