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Concerned Ape (Stardew Valley): I swear on the honor of my family name, i will never charge money for a DLC or update for as long as I live. Screencap this and shame me if I ever violate this oath.
  • Right, not only do I not have a problem with this - but it SHOULD be rewarded.

    Personally I beat the v1.1 version of the game back in Oct 2016 - but I purchased the game a second time on android because a) i wanted to support a cross platform port and b) the guy really deserves it.

    I like it when I have the option to support a developer more, but it isn't expected or required.

  • Amin Abed
  • Holy shit

  • The weekend is too short
  • Yeah man i get you.

    When I was a kid to mid 20s and had nothing to do I'd sleep all day and game and skate all fucking night and time just seemed to drag like molasses.

    Now in my mid to late 30s I'm busting my ass every day to make life happen and there's no real moment to stop. I got used to it but I totally get why people wake up at 8am every day...I have shit to do. If I don't go to bed at midnight I'm a mess the next day.

    The recent long weekends have made the 5 day week feel long and the 2 day weekend feel short.

    I think it's supposed to get better after the kids get a bit older. You get more time to yourself as they get more independent. I'm in no rush tbh. Life is wicked short I don't need it to go any faster.

  • Baby's First Subscription: Snoo Bassinet Rocks Wallets, Not Infants
  • First time parents get duped by the dumbest shit. The snoo is overpriced junk that your baby isn't going to use after 9 months.

  • A 12-year-old girl is accused of smothering her 8-year-old cousin over an iPhone
  • They're often cheaper and better than "video baby monitors"

  • Nvidia GPU partners reportedly cheap out on thermal paste, causing 100C hotspot temperatures — cheap paste allegedly degrades in a few months
  • The stock paste on my 2080ti was a joke. It would cause my hotspot temp to be >100 and the fans would go crazy. Repasted and now it's great. Pita though.

  • High command commands you to get high
  • Not just tired but also fucked up enough to dig a mass grave and chuck 200 bodies in it. Every day.

  • Does voting for Biden change anything if I live in a deep red area of my state? (Ohio)
  • Getting you to feel like your vote is meaningless is how they win.

  • 32 percent of Americans believe a military regime or authoritarian leader would be a good way of governing the country.
  • The people who dont want to be told how they live desperately want someone to tell them how to live.

  • Ah yes, how rejuvenating!
  • I did that for Reddit until I broke the cycle of abuse

  • Ah yes, how rejuvenating!
  • The best thing Elon ever did to Twitter was force me to login to see anything.

    Made it a lot easier to fully stop using it.

  • Blue Maga: We need to talk about the cult-like turn of the Democratic party
  • I only see MAGA folk on Lemmy talk about it.

  • Blue Maga: We need to talk about the cult-like turn of the Democratic party
  • Ah yes the spectre like Blue MAGA. An invisible enemy where no one can find anyone who identifies with it.

    Straight out of the fascist playbook.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • The Aussies have an extreme right wing thing going on and that group just absolutely fucking loves trump cuz he's the fast-fasch king.

  • 🐕 good boy
  • Wow core memory unlocked

  • Woman swept to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach rescued 37 hours later and 50 miles away
  • I was thinking about how many hours it might take me to cry. And then I thought I'd prolly cry a few times. Also I have pretty severe thalassophobia so maybe I'd have a panic attack. Depends on if I could see shore or not.

    But also this would never happen to me.

  • Project 2025 aims to eliminate the US Forest Service (USFS) powers to prevent forest fires and to increase logging on Federal lands which makes sense because it's trees that are the problem
  • The lack of punctuation doesn't help. whoever transcribed this this kinda missed that.

    Trees fall down. After a short period of time, 18 months, they (the fallen trees) dry out.

    It's just funny the way he can't get out a coherent thought.

    If you ask me trump's been senile for a long ass time, he just hides it better with energy/gusto.

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