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Beginner resources?
  • I've spend a bit of time in Go by Example but I felt that I wasn't building anything (if that makes sense). Like when I learned what variables are I expected that I'd get some type of homework or something.

  • Beginner resources?

    After asking for a first programming language here, I've decided learning Go. After some searching I've found that the beginner learning resources are some years old. Can anyone suggest some beginner resources for someone that likes to learn by doing stuff? Thank you.


    Start learning at 50

    Start learning at 50

    I've always wanted to learn programming. I've read a blog post saying that at this age it was to late . Then I read a post here in saying the opposite. I've found a site that was learn x in y minutes where it has a bunch of languages there. After reading them, the languages that caught my attention were Julia, Clojure and Go. Are any of these good for a beginner or should I start with something else? I know what are variables, can spot an if/else statement but that's about it. What are some good resources for someone like me who likes to learn by doing things?

    What am I doing wrong (OpenSuse)?
  • Open Yast and mark those packages as taboo. That way they'll never reinstalled again after an update. Use zypper dup for updating tumbleweed. The zypper up its for updating openSUSE leap.