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His pupils get so big when he's lovey
  • My cat has worked out how to deal with people who don't like cats. He can jump on your lap just before you're fully sat down and get in your face as with OP's cat. Also if you ignore him he'll put his head in your hand and move it back and forth to show you how the whole thing is supposed to work.

  • It's Friday - What are your plans for the week-end?
  • I'm at the dentist right now (nothing serious). After here I'm going to buy a bottle of Guinness and drink it at home.

    I'm on call for work tomorrow so can't go far. Prob going to play some Super Mario All Stars on my Steam Deck and watch the Creature Features movie. I'm also far too excited that it'll be sunny enough for me to hang my washing on the line.

  • Nicotine addiction isn't that bad - tobacco companies encourage the belief that it's more severe to keep people smoking

    Tobacco companies had to own up to the fact that smoking is harmful in the 1960s when undeniable evidence came out. People struggled to quit because it is somewhat addictive, but mainly because they enjoyed it.

    Those companies then encouraged the rhetoric about it being more addictive than heroin. It isn't. In my experience it's less addictive than caffeine.

    Here's my history with nicotine:

    • Smoked cigarettes from 15 - 26.
    • Quit totally for 14 months
    • My friend who smoked moved back to town and I smoked when I was with them.
    • Switched to vaping 8 years ago.
    • Quit vaping in January this year (2024).

    I bought 30 cigars at the start of last month (April 2024) and have smoked 9 of them so far. I normally just have 1 a week if I'm having a beer at home but I went out drinking 2 nights in a row at the start of this month and smoked 6 over that weekend.

    Am I addicted? Maybe, but I haven't had any nicotine this week and don't plan on having any next week either.