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If you didn't have to work, how would you spend your time?
  • Aside from being lazy and playing video games all day, I would like to learn new skills. I always said I wanted to try woodworking. A lot of my current skills involve being on a computer so I would like at least one that involves tools and using my hands.

  • Genius or incredibly stupid?
  • I recently made a Venmo account. I guess I'm just old but the public transactions thing is so weird to me. Feels like the newer generations are being tricked into giving up their privacy.

  • Character with messy apartment

    A character with a messy apartment brings over a friend and the friend goes "OMG! You've been robbed!" What scene is this from?

    I'm thinking it's from around the 2010s, not recent.

    Does anybody else...? AgentGrimstone

    DAE find themselves commenting on an old Youtube video and find out you already made that same comment years ago?

    Nice to know my comment was honest


    Someone telling a story about hiring a fitness trainer to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club

    I believe it was an interview where a guy tells a story about trying to get fit for a movie role so he hires a popular Hollywood fitness trainer. The guy tries to tell the trainer who he wants to look like but the trainer cuts him off and says "Don't tell me, I already know. Brad Pitt, Fight Club." The guys asks how did he know and the trainer says "That's what everyone asks for."


    Comedic torture scene where torturer chews on aluminum foil

    I thought it was the Ace Ventura 2 torture scene but it's not. Anyone know what I'm thinking of?