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Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • Yes, they can indeed be a problem for people with allergies. In my case dogs (and cats unfortunately) trigger respiratory issue. I had that issue at a workplace where dogs were allowed, not fun times. And unfortunately medication like antihistamines are not an option for everybody, personally I get extremely drowsy from them, even from the latest generation meds.

  • The end of an era?
  • Yup, that went well for Van Moof owners in the Netherlands. Also hipster bikes, the latest model turned out to be of dubious quality and was built using all custom parts. They had fun times getting their ridiculously overpriced bikes repaired after the company went belly up.

  • Let’s Talk About Trump’s Gibberish | Rambling about shark electrocutions is not normal.
  • Which, as a non-American makes me wonder: what happens if this oaf is elected, but at some point turns out to be impaired to the point of non being able to hold the office anymore? Assuming the Republicans will ever acknowledge that, seeing how it feels like they'd support him even if he was swinging on the lamps while throwing faeces everywhere.

  • Le Murca
  • I disagree, there is also Fraternité in America. If you are rich and white enough for a gated community. Don't expect Egalité though, the Karen (M/F, don't expect any other genders to be allowed) in charge of the HOA won't stand for that.

  • Casting for Toph
  • If it had come to that I think they'd probably recast him with a voice double, but it's a good thing it didn't come to that!

    I'm also glad it didn't come to that. It was already a noticeable change when they had to find a new voice actor for Iroh, let alone when you need to replace the actor for the titular character. Not that I don't respect the work of Greg Baldwin of course, but for me Mako Iwamatsu was the one and only Uncle Iroh. It's a shame he wasn't able to complete his character's journey.

  • controversial rule
  • I tried returning to WoW (Classic) after a 10 year absence, thought I'd try tanking for a change instead of healing. Deadmines, what could go wrong?

    Well, one mage managed to not only constantly draw agro from me, he also bumbled into the next group of mobs while the rest was still regaining mana again and again. Looted the box that starts that boss fight with a Tauren while the rest was not ready and wiping the party as a result. After that we all concluded that pressing on wasn't going to work. Fucking hell, never gotten such a toxic shit load of crap in my chat ever before, he sent me a book's worth of profanities all because "I sucked at tanking" according to him. Decided then and there that this was not the way how I wanted to spend my free time. When I quit WoW I already noticed that the social aspect was going down the drain, apparently it hasn't gotten any better during my absence.

  • Reader's Block
  • Well, that takes 'required reading' to a whole new dystopian level. I'm sorry you had to go through that, that's terrible and I just cannot see any other outcome than forging a severe resentment against reading. Hopefully you'll one day find the motivation again, but I certainly wouldn't blame you if you never want to read anything again after going through that.

  • Reader's Block
  • I read so much in my youth, I could read cover to cover in one go thanks to the power of hyperfocus. Reading was fun and synergised greatly with my ADD-fueled daydreaming.

    Unfortunately though high school came along and had to fuck up my intrinsic motivation by force feeding the boomer drivel that 'everybody should have read in their lives', and having to write book reports where you'd have to analyse those books to death. Assignments could vary from analysing all the different narrative arcs in the story to the relationship between each main character in the story and even more obscure stuff that I don't even (want to) remember.

    Anyway, this meant reading the 'classic' Dutch writers like Reve, Mullisch, Wolkers etc and then analysing a story you didn't even care about. Fun fact: those writers seem to have an extremely limited repertoire: do you want to read about addiction, WWII, or sex? Ok ok, you had 'het Gouden Ei' by Krabbé, on which the movie 'the Vanishing' was based. Guess that was a breath of less stale air.

    But in the end it sucked the enjoyment I felt when reading from my very soul and replaced it with the feeling that reading books is a chore. At times a slight shimmer of that old spark returns, but never for long. Depending on how often I feel like reading, getting through a book usually takes me months to years these days and rarely captures me like in the past. I'll never forgive the sadistic bastards who came up with this part of our educational system.

    Anyway, sorry for dumping this on you, turned out to be more of a rant than I initially intended. If anybody knows how to convince my brain to consider reading to be fun again, I welcome any insights.

  • God of War Ragnarök will require a PSN account to play on PC
  • Thanks, I know my way around the high seas should the need arise. But I can't play every game out there anyway, so as long as I can get my gaming needs satisfied through non-shittified legal means I prefer that.

  • God of War Ragnarök will require a PSN account to play on PC
  • Well, another game I won't be playing in that case. Fortunately my backlog is large enough to keep me busy for the next couple of years, so I feel no need to play every new title. But still: my wallet thanks Sony for making the choice for me.