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What’s the worst piece of technology you’ve ever owned?
  • I went from a cheap mp3 player that I could just plug in to my computer and drag in music to an iPod which forced me to download the iTunes bloatware create an account and then took 100x longer to transfer music because of the pointless conversion each file had to undergo. This was my first and last experience with a personal Apple device. Ended up putting some old pop music onto it and giving it to my grandmother after 2 days. Uninstalled iTunes and went back to using my cheap mp3 player until I replaced it with a smartphone.

    Coming in as a close second place, an all-in-one Sony Vaoi computer that cost a fortune and had shit performance. Took daily nags to Sony before they took it back and gave me a refund. I find that Sony's hit and miss though. My favourite smartphone (Xperia Play) was Sony, and I love my Sony Bluetooth earbuds. The Sony Smartwatch was shit.

  • Am I old now?
  • I think it depends on where you are more than your age. I very rarely carry a wallet on me and I am definitely not Gen Z. That being said, where I live, every legitimate (i.e. non laundering/tax dodging) business accepts paying by phone. I can use public transport by scanning my phone, I can prove my ID by showing my phone, I can claim medical benefits by using my phone, and every franchise has it's own loyalty app I can download on my phone.

  • Slightly less than two drinks = positive effect on programming ability
  • Also works for customer service. Have a ridiculously minor issue that really doesn't matter but still irks a small part of you and you're too much of a wimp to speak up about? Check your sent folder in the morning after a night of drinking.

    Protip: [email protected].

  • Italy bans planes that search for migrant boats from using airports
  • European migration laws forces these people to conduct this dangerous voyage because you can’t get asylum without crossing the border.

    Offshore resettlement programs exist in Europe and around the world. The problem is that there exists little incentive for people to remain in a refugee camp for what could be years when the option of travelling directly to their country of choice is an available option.

    A solution is for countries to relocate all asylum seekers back to these refugee camps where they have no option but to wait with everyone else for resettlement. There would be no incentive to risk your life to cross a border if you're just going to end up back in a refugee camp along with other people who are waiting.

    Currently, in my country at least, there is an onshore humanitarian program and an offshore humanitarian program. Most of the people granted refugee visas in the offshore program are from war-torn countries like Afghanistan or Syria who escaped to a third country. The top five countries of origin for those that apply for onshore protection are from tourist destinations that haven't seen war in decades. Hosting asylum seekers in UN refugee camps also helps prioritise those most in need.

  • The federal government has given an online age verification pilot the green light. Here's what we know about it
  • Great. More taxpayer money going towards complete and utter stupidity. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of the Internet knows how dumb and technologically unfeasible this is, yet this nonsense still continues to gain traction.

  • Windows 11 just isn't enticing Windows 10 users to upgrade, and its market share is actually falling
  • I was forced to upgrade to Windows 11 on my work computer. Only thing I noticed is that all the settings have arbitrarily been moved around to different locations. Absolutely no tangible benefit to upgrading whatsoever.

    Still, I decided I would upgrade my home computer as well anyway. Really enjoying my upgrade from Windows 10 to Pop! OS.

  • The miracle of childbirth
  • I was expecting it to be something like they eat a percentage of their own babies or something.

    Well... If you insist.

    "Gestation lasts 21 days, and devils give birth to 20–30 young standing up ... As there are only four nipples in the pouch, competition is fierce, and few newborns survive."

    One guess as to what happens to the spares.

  • Dear : Please stop saving images as webp when I drag them out of the browser. Forever stop that. Even if they are webp originally, just give me a setting to auto-convert them to JPEG. When I
  • After turning the word into a noun though, you'll need to know how to turn it back into an adjective. We use "-less" to turn the noun into an adjective.

    I prefer PNG because it losslessnesslessly compresses raster images.

    I prefer PNG because it uses a losslessnessless algorithm.

    I prefer PNG because I love losslessnesslessness.

  • A web search tip to avoid AI generated SEO junk
  • Are you for real? I also use search engines to find manuals or documentation, if I want to know how to open a jar I want to see something like, "Twist jar lid counterclockwise with firm grip for opening." Instead, with the internet as it has now become, I get:

    "Opening a jar might seem like a trivial task, but mastering this skill can save you from frustration and potentially embarrassing moments. Whether it's a jar of pickles or a jar of pasta sauce, the techniques for opening them remain largely the same. In this guide, we will explore the art of jar opening, providing a comprehensive step-by-step guide that anyone can follow.

    The first step in the jar opening process is to ensure that you have a firm grip on both the jar and the lid. Holding the jar securely with one hand will provide stability and prevent it from slipping. Meanwhile, using your other hand to grasp the lid firmly will give you the leverage needed to twist it open. This initial grip is crucial, as it sets the foundation for the rest of the opening process.

    With a secure grip established, the next step is to begin twisting the lid counterclockwise. This motion may seem straightforward, but it requires a combination of strength and finesse. Applying too much force can result in the lid becoming stuck even tighter, while too little force will yield no progress at all. Finding the right balance is key, and it may take some trial and error to get it just right.

    If the lid proves to be particularly stubborn, there are a few tricks you can try to loosen it. One common method is to tap the lid gently on a solid surface, such as a countertop or table. This action helps to break the seal between the lid and the jar, making it easier to twist off. Alternatively, you can try running the lid under hot water for a few seconds. The heat causes the metal to expand slightly, further aiding in the loosening process.

    Persistence is key when it comes to opening a stubborn jar. If your initial attempts are unsuccessful, don't be afraid to try again. Sometimes, a fresh approach or a little extra force is all it takes to break the seal. However, it's important to exercise caution and avoid using excessive force, as this can result in injury or damage to the jar.

    Once the lid begins to loosen, continue twisting it counterclockwise until it comes off completely. This may require multiple rotations, so be patient and persistent. As the lid loosens, you may hear a satisfying pop as the seal is broken, indicating that you're on the right track.

    With the lid successfully removed, you can now enjoy the contents of the jar to your heart's content. Whether it's a delicious spread for your morning toast or a savory addition to your favorite recipe, the possibilities are endless. Just be sure to securely reseal the jar after each use to maintain freshness and prevent spills.

    In conclusion, opening a jar may seem like a simple task, but it requires a combination of strength, finesse, and patience. By following the steps outlined in this essay, anyone can master the art of jar opening and conquer even the most stubborn lids. So the next time you're faced with a tightly sealed jar, remember these techniques and approach the challenge with confidence."

  • Why I Lost Faith in Kagi
  • I agree with you. I wasn't referring to the actual contents so much as OP's attitude about the e-mails from the CEO. I think Kagi could benefit from hiring, or at least consulting, with specialists in the field to better define their position. It's clear that OP has legitimate concerns.

  • Why I Lost Faith in Kagi
  • Sure, why not? Though please don't spread it around, I'm currently under deep cover pretending to be an Australian who frequently comments on Australian news and is registered with an Australian-themed instance.

    It's all part of my evil plan to have the first multinational company with their global headquarters in Antarctica.

  • Why I Lost Faith in Kagi
  • After reading your comment, my calling the OP an 'entitled douche' was not the best response. I remember the fragility of being a teenager, and even being a young adult... While unlikely, if the blog's author does come across these comments, I would rather they take a moment to consider things from Vlad's/Kagi's perspective rather than just take my comment as a personal attack.

  • Why I Lost Faith in Kagi
  • TBH, OP sounds like a bit of an entitled douche, edit: not the most appropriate descriptor, but I do think OP should try and look at the situation from another perspective.

    In their blog post they complained about lack of transparency and noted numerous issues with Kagi that caused them to lose faith in the company. The CEO personally responds to explain themselves (i.e. make things more transparent) and OP sticks their fingers in their ears and acts liked they're a victim because the CEO attempts service recovery.

    I've made public complaints about companies before. I wish I received such tailored and personalised responses.

  • What apps would you love to have open-source alternatives for?
  • there’s this really cool alternative to streaming, called you buy their shit directly.

    Wow, mind blown! I had no idea money could be used to buy things directly! /s

    Seriously though, buying music from artists you already know is easy for artists that actually provide this as an option, but it doesn't help when trying to find new artists and songs to listen to. Spotify is brilliant for discovering new content and can't be replaced by 'buying shit directly'.

  • Proton picks up Standard Notes to deepen its pro-privacy portfolio
  • Ahhhh!!!!

    I literally, just purchased a subscription to Joplin Cloud! I already pay for Proton Unlimited and was tossing up between Joplin and Standard Notes.

    What a bummer... I bet Proton adds this as an additional service to Proton Unlimited.

  • [GOG] Styx: Shards of Darkness

    Download the best classic and new games on Windows, Mac & Linux. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies and 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Game page:

    3 Mark Dreyfus, whistleblowers and the non-existent circumstances - Michael West

    AG Dreyfus falsely claims exceptional circumstances when asked to to drop the prosecutions of whistleblowers McBride and Boyle. Not true!

    Mark Dreyfus, whistleblowers and the non-existent circumstances - Michael West