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Oh boy here we go
  • I don't think an official presidential assassin would miss 12 times

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • Honestly I just don't care about them anymore, they are all basically visually the same, once I've seen one professional fireworks show it starts to feel like I've seen them all. It's loud as fuck too, it hurts my ears more than it used to, I just stayed in yesterday.

  • USA presidential candidates
  • I'd say Sideshow Bob is more apt, only Bob was kind of smart.

  • If only it was that easy
  • I do live in a state of constant dread of losing my phone, or having it break down, or getting a new phone now, but at least things are "secure" again *sigh

  • Roaming bands of Shriekers AND Automaton gunship patrols have been observed.
  • Two well placed Autocannon shots or several more poorly placed ones can do it.

  • Roaming bands of Shriekers AND Automaton gunship patrols have been observed.
  • I got attacked by a roaming squad of gunships and I was like "PROTECT ME MY CHILDREN" and threw down two sentries while hiding behind a rock.

  • An 8-year-old girl was sucked into a swimming pool pipe at a Hilton hotel. The management company blamed her parents
  • This is a "someone should go to jail" level of criminal negligence.

  • Elon Musk's X revenue has officially plummeted, new documents show
  • The issue is that even if half of them go there, the rest are scattered to the wind, and you're not guaranteed to find them again.

  • "Recent Players" doesn't work?

    Source: Found a team who was cool, game crashed, lost em forever :(

    Recent Players menu referenced people from a session 21 hours ago

    Just happy to help
  • Fun fact, you can ""laser guide"" your hellpod.

    This is completely pointless, but funny. Most weapons have a laser sight that comes up if you ADS, this appears facing the ground while you're dropping.

  • Google clamps down on VPN workarounds for cheaper YouTube Premium subscriptions
  • I tried to get brazillian youtube premium or whatever and it just didn't work.

  • Elon Musk's X revenue has officially plummeted, new documents show
  • The biggest loss here is that I follow a lot of artists on Twitter and when it goes kaput I won't have easy access to follow them.

  • Just happy to help
  • There are times I want to reinforce but I know that if I called them in where I was they'd just get fucking obliterated.

  • Contrary to popular belief, the average Helldiver collects no samples at all. Georg Samples is an outlier and should not have been counted.


    This is a joke, I did not actually cheat or glitch anything and it was made in photoshop. It was a funny thought exercise thinking of how the UI would ACTUALLY fuck up if you got one of these numbers absurdly high. I theorized it would either scale the numbers down, cut them off, or they'd just go over the labels on the left as the higher numbers expand to the left side. Also they added an outline to the text and I was unable to replicate that.

  • "And you're trying to get a job at an arby's?"

  • Internet forums are disappearing because now it's all Reddit and Discord. And that's worrying.
  • I got banned for something really stupid and they denied my appeal so now I'm kinda just fucked for a lot of stuff, that is too much power for one site to have.

    FWIW All I said was "I should be allowed to punch nazis" and I've seen way worse things than that said and not actioned on by reddit. (Even when reported)

    There are entire communities that "glorify violence" that they do nothing about.

  • Amazing app ideas
  • The text message thing, quiet uber option and with consent, saved as thing, would be neat.

  • Microsoft accidentally lists the benefits of not using a Microsoft account on Windows 11
  • Yeah well it's a Dev/Publisher issue with the games I play regularly, so.

  • Ahri ban rates soar as League of Legends players commit to protest [due to absurd skin cost: $435]
  • You got me I actually do in fact dislike all MOBA type games.

    That particular mechanic of "banning" characters may also fuck right off though. I can't ban sniper when I play TF2

  • Is there any way to know if a mission is going to be one of the ones that restricts you to 3 stratagems before accepting it.

    Because those missions can fuck off back the way they came they're the worst.