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Or is he?
  • Reminds me of that Indiana Jones movie where they have to choose a cup to drink from to get immortality. They are presented with loads of super fancy cups all with gold and precious jewels.

    And they all kill you.

    The one to drink from and get immortality is a small wooden cup.

  • Fairphone Fairbuds launch with replaceable batteries, titanium drivers and ANC
  • I think JBL and some other brands do carry such earbuds, but maybe it might not be thz kind of wire you'd fancy. There are also cheaper options that have a wire linking the two ear buds, but as I said those are usually cheap and might not be up to your standards.

  • Given Reddit's fall, what's an alternative to /r/BodyWeightFitness and its Recommended Routine? What bodyweight routine is scientifically valid, updated when needed, and aimed at strength?
  • Hey there ! I'm unfamiliard with the content of /r/BodyWeightFitness but if you are looking for guides to exercise and routines aimed at strength, I think you'll be interrsted in this : Very simple routine with few exercises but A LOT of varitions making it accessible to anyone. Cheers !

    Edit: spelling

  • You can add an undo key to Gboard for Android
  • That sounds like a lot of struggle over something the predictive text bar already does ? In my experience when you delete a word, or a whole sentence, it'll be the only suggestions from the predictive bar at the top of the keyboard. Tap that suggestion and you get your stuff back.

    But yeah type another letter and you are fucked…

  • Filesystem Hierarchy Standard - Reference Poster / Cheatsheet [Dark mode in details]
  • Damn that's some great work ! When I started linux I wish I had found such ressources, I was really curious what each of these directories were for.

    Would you mind if your material was reused (with credit) for education purposes ?

  • Over half of all tech industry workers view AI as overrated
  • I've seen it refered to as AGI bit I think itns wrong. Chat GPT isnt intelligent in the slightest, it only makes guesses on what word is statistically more likely to come up next. There is no thikinking or problem solving involved.

    A while ago I saw an article that with a tittle along the lines of "spark of AGI in ChatGPT 4" because it chose to use a calculator tool when facing a problme that required one. That would be AI (and not AGI). It has a problem, it learns and uses available tools to solve it.

    AGI would be on a whole other level.

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  • The state of the internet 2023
  • Honestly this is just depressing. And a little scary ?

    Corporate greed is taking new heights and the things we took for granted are being taken away. It is all so dystopic...


  • What app is so useful, you can’t believe it’s free?
  • Sadly it's the case for a lot of open source softwares I feel. I've had the same feed back on GIMP.

    But honestly once you get used to it, it has some really great tools that actually make it just as powerful (if not more depending on who you ask) than its direct competitor: Adobe Lightroom.

    It's a little rough to get into it, but imo it's worth the investment.

  • Forum Libre 28 juin
  • J'ai un certain doute la dessus. Pour migrer faudrait déjà savoir où aller et Lemmy est pas promu sur beaucoup de subs. Quand à la dégradation du contenu je sais pas si certains feront la différence malheureusement...

  • Forum Libre 28 juin
  • Sur Amazon (wi c mové toussa) t'as une super extension pour navigateur qui s'appelle Keepa, elle permet de voir l'historique des prix et de savoir si c'est sur un prix haut ou bas pour le produit. Très pratique pendant les soldes etc et pour savoir si la réduc affiché par rapport au prix "original" est si substantielle que ça.