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What happened to the smartest kid in your class?
  • I wouldn't worry about it. I was one of the gifted kids, got my Bachelors then Masters in Computer Science with good grades. But also I got massively depressed and it took me a while to get a job after graduation. One of the more valuable lessons I learned from that experience was that I was often not seeing the forest thru the trees. After all, going to college is just a means of hopefully ensuring that you have an easier time covering the cost of living long term. So, overall, if you're happy and don't have to constantly worry about your bills there was no real loss of potential.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • The bel air probably doesn't have any emissions stuff. That's why it gets better gas milage than you expect, whereas the newer stuff absolutely does. Plus trucks are geared for torque, unlike a car, which reduces mpg. A more apt comparison would be to older ('50-'70s) trucks, where you were probably talking more around 9-10mpg without emissions.

  • Any tips on making quesidillas?
  • Oh, that sounds pretty good. I was talking about chipolte from a can/jar, tried it one time with some thicker tortillas and it was just amazingly good. Cilantro and some cumin are good as well.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • I actually considered it when I last looked for a new vehicle but besides being too expensive for what they are ($10k for a 90s cheap truck) they made a lot of compromises on them. For instance, on most the struts and springs are right under the seats, so if that breaks it would come right up into your legs. If the truck is rusty and going over bumps, that is a non zero possibility.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • Not really. I compared it to an older Chevy s10 for a reason. Those were relatively small trucks that, while not always the most reliable, are still a pretty decent option for most people. Kei trucks are a smidge smaller, but are better on gas and frankly less safe. I don't think this is a "get rid of bigger vehicles and this goes away" but of a "Kei trucks aren't really any safer than an off-road golf cart and current regulations allows them on the road". We need the safety regulations so less people die on Auto accidents, and kei trucks don't really have to comply with even the basic ones.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • They're not really safe. They are generally front heavy, so there is a risk of rolling forward, no crumple zone safety stuff, more often than not the front suspension is under the seat and if that breaks it would shoot up into the cabin, and on top of everything they are pretty slow. They have more in common with an off road Polaris than a traditional truck, which is to be expected because they were mostly designed to be farm trucks. I'd much rather be in an older s10 than a kei truck in the event of a crash (and s10's aren't very safe). I think I lot of why they are so popular these days is because there aren't really any light trucks anymore, and these are an alternative.

  • My Car Enthusiasts Dream!
  • At low speeds. My grandfather has one (a really low milage one he inherited) and I've driven it a bit. It's a small, cheap car that doesn't get good milage at all (a 90s camry will get much better), but if you just want something to putter about in it works. Easy to park, cheap so you don't have to worry about people messing with it, and pretty simply designed.

  • My Car Enthusiasts Dream!
  • Oh, I believe it. They're not great, but they are often a common handme down to the poorist relatives when an older member of the family dies, as well as just generally being cheap to get.

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • Raspberry pi foundation was launched as a charity, and the end goal was to produce a ton of very cheap computers to help children learn about programming. Since then, it has been soo ubiquitous for embedded stuff that for the last couple of years they have basically become unaffordable for the very audience they were intended for. Now they are seeking an ipo because they are used in everything, except as cheap computers for children.

  • Tesla shareholders to vote whether Elon Musk deserves billions judge struck down
  • Badly worded title, but I encourage a read. The whole thing is incredibly screwy, and if you haven't already I suggest look into the whole thing. A court in Delaware basically said that they couldn't approve the payout for Musk because of the lack of justification. So, they decide that they are going to move incorporation to Texas (probably not a great thing, but this is Musk, so....), but it probably won't happen until after the vote, which while they are pretty sure will pass (a looot of musk cultists on the board), but it's going to be a lot more close than they expected, in large part because the company is quickly approaching a dumpster fire after the cyber truck debacle, Musk becoming a laughing stock from buying Twitter, recent layoffs already hurting Tesla (he laid off the supercharger dept, which probably would be one of the most profitable avenues for the future of the company), and his growing fame for being transphobic/racist. Seriously, the more you learn about him, the more of a parallel you have to Henry Ford (that is most definitely not a complement).

  • What issues motivate voters who support neither Biden nor Trump?
  • Dealing with monopolies, stopping our unilateral support for Israel, fixing the housing crisis, and proper taxation for the wealthiest so that a lot of the public institutions that have been defunded for the past couple decades can be improved. Those are the biggest ones, fix those and most of the other ones start to self correct. Don't, and the US falls apart.

  • Car
  • A lot of cars with automatics and manuals have slightly different brake pedal sizes for the same models (bigger on automatics usually, takes a bit of the space a clutch might). So theoretically it makes some sense.