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What do you believe the role of government to be?
  • I think there are two major purposes in government. First, protection for its citizens. This includes military protection from hostile foreign powers and domestic protection from interpersonal crime and systemic violence as well as providing safety nets.

    The second is creation, protection, and maintenance of public infrastructure, including transportation arteries, healthcare systems, etc.

    Furthermore, government should be centered around protecting all its citizens, not just the richest.

  • Milk, eggs and now bullets for sale in handful of US grocery stores with ammo vending machines
  • It really is! I ran out of ammo yesterday when I was shooting up an Oklahoma daycare center. Walked across the street to the Walmart and got another 50 rounds of 7.62 from the vending machine. I was back to shooting toddlers in like 5 minutes flat! So convenient!


  • Sovcit didn't like his mail.
  • Whenever I see these I make a comment on how these are spread by evil hacker men so that tech illiterate rubes self-identity.

    I don't know if that's actually true but it sure got the boomers on my feed to stop posting this bullshit for a while.

  • "Gluten Free" has officially gone too far.
  • Gluten intolerant person here. It's like any other allergies where it runs the gambit. Most of us only have digestive issues if we eat it. Very rarely however, people will have the thing where they will just fucking explode into hives if someone breaks out a piece of bread in the same room as them. Just like peanut kid in elementary school.

  • It's now illegal for Minnesota libraries to ban LGBTQ+ books under this new law
  • That's a really long one but pretty much every shitty trend since the 80s can be attributed back to him: Wage stagnation, climate inaction, police militarization, Middle East wars, no taxes for the wealthy, war on drugs, for profit prisons, elimination of pensions, union busting, media polarization, Iran-Contra affair, etc.

    He was popular because he was charismatic but literally all of his policies hollowed out the country into what it is today.

  • It's now illegal for Minnesota libraries to ban LGBTQ+ books under this new law
    • Only state to not vote for Reagan
    • Weed legalized
    • Free Breakfast and Lunch for all students
    • First state to protect LGBT Americans from discrimination
    • Only state to not vote for Reagan
    • Protected abortion rights
    • Childcare assistance for low income parents
    • Planned high speed rail between the Twin Cities and Duluth
    • Legalized gay marriage before Obergefell v. Hodges
    • Only state to not vote for Reagan

    There's plenty more but those are just the ones I can think of right now.

  • Do you have the same feeling?
  • Nah I'm like this too. Take it one thing at a time. I also recommend the Adam Savage method of buying tools: Buy the cheapest tool you can and if you use it until it breaks, only then do you buy a quality tool since you clearly use it a lot.

  • According to the Federal Reserve Americans owe over $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, with the average borrower owing $37,667
  • It's really only undergrad that's usually uber expensive. My wife is getting her master's for like $10k/year and her company is paying for half of it.

    Meanwhile our undergrad was like $40-50k/year with no help.

    Also this average is probably averaging current balances, not total disbursement.

  • Manipulation
  • My understanding is that wolves don't have "eyebrows" at all. The fact that many dogs have them is either an evolved or selected trait specifically to communicate with humans.

  • Neom: Forces 'told to kill’ to clear land for eco-city
  • All this hardship and money just so they can build a giant glass box in the middle of the fucking desert. Anyone whose spent like 5 minutes in a greenhouse will tell you why that's a bad idea for a city.

  • Giant Batteries Are Transforming the Way the U.S. Uses Electricity | They’re delivering solar power after dark in California and helping to stabilize grids in other states. The technology is expanding
  • I agree. With the cost reduction on renewables, grid-scale nuclear doesn't make a lot of sense anymore.

    However, I hope that nuclear will get a revival with SMR technology. Especially as local power facilities for things like data centers and auto plants and other industrial facilities that require as much power as a small nation.