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"Mental Illness" are not just "Mental"
  • Mental illnesses are real. But the construct of “mental illness” isn’t. There is no such thing as an “illness” that is completely psychological in nature, ie. only “caused by thoughts and behaviours”.

    I don't think any reputable person believes that mental illness is just "in the mind". Of course there's a physical aspect to it, there's literally a physical aspect to everything about us.

    There is no "soul", or some ephemeral "something" that makes us us. Our memories are nothing more than synapses making connections to each other. Our emotions are a series of biochemical and hormonal reactions as a response to stimuli from other people and our environment. There is no part of being human that isn't physiological, including mental illness.

  • Two lifelong Republicans leave the GOP in support of trans grandchild
  • They were perfectly willing to support and spread the hate right up until it personally affected them.

    Hate to break it to you. But that's not a republican trait. That's a human trait.

    It's why you'll sooner donate to support the hospital stay of a person in your hometown than you would to a earthquake in zimbabwe. It's the reason we don't sit in a corner catatonic with grief at every little thing that happens in the world. Proximity bias is necessary. While it's not meant to replace empathy, pretending that these people are somehow shittier than every other human in nature just perpetuates a hate cycle that keeps us where we're at.

    They didn't believe in Trans people. Than their grandkid came out and they changed their mind. But it's disingenuous to say ' that it affects them.'

    What's more likely is, being actually personally exposed to something forces you to re-contextualize your beliefs. That's not a bad thing and it's not to be derided.

  • Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • Sure she has a chance. I don't think we'll really know how good of a chance until a little further down the road. But as a non-american, I'm optimistic.

    Could she screw it up with a bad running mate. Of course. That's politics and voters are fickle weirdos at the best of times. Hell, we're living in a age where half the voters of your country are wearing maxi-pads on the side of their heads and have pledged their allegiance to a diaper wearing 34 time felon with dementia. Fickle weirdos is the nice way of putting it.

    When you're dealing with curve-balls of that magnitude, not even Nate Silver could predict her chances this early on.

  • What could be done to make PeerTube more popular?
  • Sure. Absolutely.

    But that's not what this thread is about and that isn't what I was replying to. If you want to start a thread saying "Why PeerTube doesn't need to grow to be a great place." knock yourself out. I agree with you.

    But this thread specifically is about, and I quote..

    ...possibly even becoming a serious alternative to YouTube?

    And for that, you need monetization.

    Stay on topic.

  • What could be done to make PeerTube more popular?
  • Nothing is wrong with that at all. But you're never going to get enough content to increase your total subscriber base as long as your creators have to spend most of their time working other jobs.

  • What could be done to make PeerTube more popular?
  • Content, monetization, and ubiquity.

    1. Content: PT skews heavily into Linux and Linux adjacent topics. And that's fine, but when I say I watch more YT than regular TV, I'm not kidding. And its because of the diversity and variety of channels. Things like History Hit or Every Frame a Painting, and silly shit like Red Letter Media. YouTube isn't just "let's plays" and game streaming. So Peertube can't be "Just Linux"

    2. Monetization: Creators have to get paid. That's just reality. It would be a fine world if everyone could spend hours doing their passion for free and not have to worry about deeding themselves. If you want #1, you need a certain amount if full time creators, and for that they need to get paid.

    3. Ubiquity: Watching more YouTube than regular TV, I don't want to sit in front of my computer to do it. We need to be able to access it from smart TVs, ROKU sticks, etc... And not just a port of the website that requires a mouse and keyboard, but something optimized to work with smart TV remote controls.

    The issue with the Fediverse (not that I don't love the fediverse, I do) is that all of those three things require large scale framework and organisational planning; which is the antithesis to what the Fediverse is all about.

    Tl;Dr -- Large scale success of PeerTube as a thing is largely impossible without abandoning the concept of federation itself.

  • Lost in Space 2018 Series
  • Didn't like it. Didn't hate it.

    It was basically unremarkable in every way. Not bad, but not good either. Like much of Netflix's fare, it's basically average right across the board.

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • Hey I used to be one of those conservatives.

    In a previous thread a while back I got curb-stomped for daring to suggest that there were conservatives that weren't "republicans"; that there were in fact conservatives who maybe don't believe in things like gay marriage, etc..., who go to church, wait for marriage, and all that; But who ALSO don't actually give two shits about what other people do with their lives and don't really want to push their beliefs around. They just want to live their lives and let everyone else live there.

    My suggestion that these people exist and that it's likely that these people don't vote was met with being told that ALL conservatives are bad regardless of whether they register as republicans or not.

    I live in an area of Canada that is surrounded by exactly those type of people. They aren't liberal minded, they don't believe in a lot of those things, but when asked if they should force those beliefs on others through government action they'd all say fuck no. Live and let live.

    But apparently I'm naive (according to that other thread)

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • I wouldn't say sexy. But I'll say this about Kelly;

    Mark Kelly is the embodiment of everything that Conservative America thinks it stands for. When white christian families tuck their kids into the bed at night and tell them about people they should be looking up to and idolizing, it's Kelly. War Hero, Fighter Pilot, Astronaut from a family of cops.

    The twist that he's a democrat and believes in everything they in reality hate will break MAGA's fucking brain, and (I think) bring in a lot of what I can "non-republican conservatives"; ie, people who are among the 40% of Americans who don't vote because, while they live a christian-conservative lifestyle, they don't necessarily believe in the Republican bullshit.

  • How FOSS is your setup?
  • Hard to pin a number on it, percentage-wise.

    • Desktop and laptop are both running Linux.
    • Chromebook wiped and running Linux.
    • Most software, but definitely not all. Steam, Resolve being the two biggest non-foss items on my desktop, while my ex-Chromebook has a proprietary screenwriting program, as well as OnlyOffice instead of LibreOffice because I need much better Excel compatibility for work and LO still isn't quite there for it.
    • Phone android. But not entirely de-googled. Replaced drive with syncthing, keep with Joplin, photos, phone, and messenger with their Fossify equivalents and disabled the originals. Replaced gboard with heliboard, etc...

    But can't/won't completely replace the OS yet because both google pay and android auto are essential to me and getting them working on most replacements is still a royal pain in the butt.

    So let's call it 80%, maybe a bit more?

  • Who is your preferred Democratic presidential candidate, and why?
  • I'm not even an American and I would be so psyched by a Mark Kelly run for president.

    Then all we would need would be to get Chris Hatfield as or PM up here and it would be an intelligent astronaut super hemisphere.

  • What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • Oh believe me, I know. I agree.

    but the argument nowadays is that common usage dictates that both are now "acceptable", similar to how apparently "literally" now effectively means "figuratively" because everyone uses it.

  • What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • Ha! How much time have you got?

    Shallow and pedantic is my speciality.

    But for the sake of brevity I'll simply say that hearing (or reading) less in cases where fewer would be more appropriate is like driving an ice pick into my brain.

    Yes...both are technically correct, but I have to fight the urge to be that guy whenever I hear it.

  • Introducing Proton Scribe: a privacy-first writing assistant
  • Fucking hell its exhausting trying to keep one step ahead of having this AI bullshit shoved into every service I use.

    I'm not against AI. I'm just against it being embedded in literally everything. I

    If I want to "consult" an AI to have it look at my code for syntax errors or something like that, I'll go to its website and use it from there, accepting that yes... That particular bit of code or text is going to be scraped.

    But the step from there to "always be reading everything I do is fucking massive.

  • I've been a Manjaro user on my desktop for a very long time, and it never occurred to me that it could do this...


    Manjaro on Chromebook

    I finally pulled the trigger on replacing my ChromeOS completely with Manjaro using the Mrchromebox script. Other than some glitching getting the audio to work correctly, everything runs great.

    For the first two years I had this chromebook (Asus 433 flip) I thought that it wasn't worth the risk and that running the debian container via Crostini was plenty good enough.

    Well it turns out that:

    • A. wasn't much of a risk at all. It was actually really smooth, including disconnecting the battery to disable the hardware write protect. I honestly don't know what I was worried about. and

    • B. I may have thought Crostini was good enough. But man oh's a night and day difference having Linux running natively on this old girl rather than through a container that had to boot up every time I use the first linux app of the day.

    Anyway. Just wanted to share. Been using Manjaro on pretty much all of my computers for years, and now I can take the "pretty much" away and just say "all of them."


    Minimal Menu?

    So....I updated my Manjaro to Plasma 6. Any chance that Minimal Menu (or something similar) exists?

    I was not happy to find it gone. It's been a part of my system for so long that I honestly just forgot it wasn't default.

    Now it doesn't even show up in the widget search and I'm honestly not sure I can live without it, largely because I can choose to centre it in the display on launch rather than having to choose either a) full-screen or b) right above the icon.

    I can't even describe how upsetting it was to reboot after the update....


    Say what you will about the Will Smith iRobot movie.... Researchers Develop Horrifying Face-Mimicking Robot

    The researchers said their new robot can synch its facial expression with yours. You know, to make it friendlier.

    Researchers Develop Horrifying Face-Mimicking Robot

    ...but its robot designs were well ahead of the curve for the time.


    Open Creative

    Just popping in to post about a community to discuss FOSS creative software like GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Kdenlive, Blender, etc...

    I've used them all at one time or another. Since moving to FOSS as much as possible ten years ago, I've learned a LOT about most of the programs, and consider myself a near expert in some (Kdenlive, GIMP) and fairly competent in others (Blender, Scribus).

    I feel like having a place where anyone who uses FOSS creative software can both ask questions, share advice, and celebrate each others works, would be a nice addition to the Fediverse.

    So feel free to join and post your work, your questions, your news or your tips and tricks.

    I'm a one man band as far as modding and maintaining for now, so thanks in advance for your patience while I learn how it all works on the back end.

    Open Creative Adderbox76

    GIMP Segmentation Fault - FYI

    Anyone having a recent segmentation fault with GIMP 2.10.36 when closing a file without saving changes, the issue has been fixed and will be merged into the next point release. 2.10.38.

    More info here: (scroll to bottom)

    Open Creative Adderbox76

    Video Editing Practice Footage

    Putting this out into the community for anyone who needs it.

    When I was first learning video editing, I had trouble finding good narrative content to practice with. There was plenty of stock footage, etc... but nothing scripted where you could craft a scene between two characters.

    Cinestudy is the best for that. In fact I'm using footage from there for a book that I've been working on about narrative editing in Kdenlive.

    Open Creative Adderbox76

    Welcome to Open Creative

    One of the main things that I have been missing in Lemmy since moving over from the other site has been the myriad communities for the various bits of FOSS software I use on a regular basis.

    Any any given day, I'll use Kdenlive, LibreOffice, Blender, Gimp and Scribus in the course of getting work done both personally and professionally, and I kept waiting for the day when I wouldn't have to go back to the other site to keep up to date with them.

    While some (Blender) eventually got communities in the fediverse of their own, few are very active. So I felt that I should at least try to create my own in the hopes that it draws some activity.

    So if you're joining because of a shared love of FOSS creative software, welcome. I'm hoping to post news and other articles from around the web, as well as being a place for questions and advice from user to user.

    Maybe it'll be just as dead as all the others. But I hope not.


    As someone who worked (briefly) as a freelance writer online, the tl;dr bot is my enemy and I want it dead.

    The tl;dr bot that pops up on every link to an article on Lemmy is depriving those websites of clicks, which deprives them of ad revenue.

    The only thing that will accomplish is forcing those websites to do the very thing that we rail about; replacing their writers with crappy A.I because they can't afford to pay for actual content.

    We rail against the enshitification of the internet, but when there's a legitimate way to fight back by giving these websites a page view/read/click etc... so that they can attract advertisers, we would rather have a bot summarize it for us, giving them nothing.

    ChromeOS Adderbox76

    Can't Connect Android Phone to ChromeOS - Wrong Password (Even though I KNOW it's correct)

    Like the title says. Just upgraded my Android phone, got it set up and working like a charm. Went to connect it to my chromebook in the chromebook settings and it won't let me get past the "sign in with your google account" screen.

    Keeps saying "wrong password". But not only have I been already using that account/password not only on the new Android Phone, but on my Chromebook for the last year...but I also LITERALLY copied and pasted it from my bitwarden account after it failed to take the typed password three times.

    I'm stumped. Help please. Thanks in advance.

    flightsim Adderbox76

    Three Months of Blender Practice.

    I feel like I've come a long way, but still feel like I have a long way to go before I feel truly good.

    flightsim Adderbox76 July 22, 2023 AC500 X-Plane Build Update

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like Adderbox76.

    Stumbling a bit on how to get some animations to work correctly, (gauges and gear doors where the local axis doesn't line up with the global axis). But making some good progress on getting the details modelled in.


    Content search?

    Does Jerboa's search function only work for communities or am I don't something wrong?

    On the web, as well as other apps, a search brings up the choice between communities, users, comments and posts.

    Haven't been able to make that work on Jerboa.


    Am I Blind? I can't find the option in the app to block entire communities, or the nuclear option of not showing NSFW content entirely.

    As the title says...

    flightsim Adderbox76

    Project for X-Plane

    cross-posted from:

    > When is a level of detail considered "obsessive"? Asking for a friend.


    Project for X-Plane

    When is a level of detail considered "obsessive"? Asking for a friend.

    flightsim Adderbox76

    progress on 3D gauge animations

    Airspeed, Vertical speed, manifold pressure, RPM and fuel flow are all working as expected. Night lighting on the GPS and audio panel is working fabulously. There is night lighting on the center stack, but it's too subtle and will need some adjustments.

    Manipulators are going to take a bit longer because I built a lot before really understanding how manipulators worked, so I have to go back and correct some things.

    flightsim Adderbox76

    Finishing one 3D instrument per day, I should be finished by somewhere around 2032.

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals Adderbox76

    Dad, your singing is terrible...please stop.


    Not doing whatever it took to rebuild around "Captain" Mark Stone was the worst mistake the Senators ever made.

    Congrats to him on getting his cup. Was always my favorite Senator. I've always believed that rather than building around a single superstar, teams should build around a trio of hardworking regular stars.

    Trading EK...I was fine with it. But the team should have been built at that point around Captain Stone, Chabot and a promising young goalie.