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$335 espresso
  • "You can't sell a $335 shot of espresso unless you have it on the menu." I feel like it's more of a gimic than anything, they get free headlines and advertising because of it. But then again, I'm ok with a $3.50 at my current salary, so if I made 100x more money a year then yeah a $350 shot would be reasonable.

  • More confusion for recruiters
  • I agree. If there is no Greek question mark at all it should be code that is printed to console. If there is an upside down at the start and upside right at the end it is just normal code. If upside right at the end only, it is a comment. Only upside down at the start it will be treated as debug specific code and will not be run in production compilations.

  • After a 10-Year Wait, Mt. Gox Bitcoin Is Finally Being Returned
  • Running a red light is not a victimless crime. You will condition yourself to run red lights when you think there is no one is there. This will lead to you hitting and killing a pedestrian that you didn't see. Be an adult and just wait the 30 seconds for the light to change. Why risk it? #FUCKCARS

  • looking for advise on pouring slc

    I'm planning on pouring self leveling concrete on top of my concrete block porch. I'm looking for any tips/trick on how to pour slc. I'm planning on sealing the cracks beforehand with spray foam/caulk and using concrete primer.