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People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • I suggested AliExpress because it's internationally accessible, but I've actually bough small cheap phones both were I am now, Portugal and were I lived before, the UK from local eBay sellers and even mobile phone repair shops.

    It's stuff that costs 20 bucks and the reason for that is because the price of the electronics needed for that really is stupidly cheap nowadays as it's all so heavilly integrated and even in China stuff like circuit board assembly is mostly automated.

    Going directly to some seller from China just removes most of the middlemen as well as any brand markups (though the seller is almost certainly a middleman since factories don't usually sell by the unit, at least not in my experience way back when I had a small business importing and selling electronics).

    It's the same reason why a perfectly good TV Media Box will cost you €35 (including VAT and shipping) even though that thing has to have enough power and memory to run Android and something like Kodi on top of it, which doesn't apply to a basic mobile phone.

    (I've actually made my own basic mobile phone a couple of years ago when playing with Electronics, though it wasn't that practical to use, since it was all stuff hanging from a breadboard and connected to a 2G module ;)

    It's shocking just how huge a fraction of the prices we pay nowadays for consumer electronics in the West are markups.

    Sure, more complex and expensive devices it does make sense to get it from a brand (though I would advise against big brands, or at least get something you can put a Custom ROM on, beause of enshittification) even if the quality of no-name-Brand goods from China is actually better than it used to be, because it's so much money at stake that the risks of scams, bad quality and inexistent support in getting if from random-Chinese-brand make it maybe not such a good idea for products worth hundreds of dollars (which would also favoured by scammers).

    Simple mobile phones, however, are not "complex and expensive devices" nowadays and the same companies making €35 TV media boxes or €50 Single-Board-Computers (like the Banana-Pi or Orange-Pi stuff) have enough expertise to make basic phones and the price of those things is pretty low if you're not expecting similar features as bigger smartphones (i.e. no high resolution screens, not much memory or processing power, no high resolution cameras with good optics) since that's were most of the parts cost is.

    But yeah, I get your point and I myself generally have a maximum price point for the stuff I'm willing to source from there since because of the risk involved, but if you're after a mobile phone that costs $20, just get two or source it for a bit more from a local seller in a place like eBay to be a bit safe when it comes to replacements.

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • I've just breathed new live into an old tablet that, because of all the Samsung Bloatware + system app updates was 95+% full all the time even though it only had something like 4 apps I actually installed and used, by replacing its factory Android with LineageOS.

    Now, I have an EE Degree and 25 years experience in developing software, including years of Android.

    It still took me researching how to do it over the course of two weeks and actually doing it took me 4 hours and was a massive PITA (I literally had to re-install the factory OS just to toggle the "Allow OEM unlocking" option because my first LineageOS installation that looked fine actually went into a boot-loop on first restart), though the result was well worth it.

    (BUT, the version of LineageOS I have has a stupid bug and if I wanted to upgrade it to fix it I would have to compile LineageOS myself for my device, since it's not officially supported - and I used somebody else's precompiled binary - and I'm not sure if I have the time and patience for it).

    This is me with all my experience in related domains and who actually did something similar for my brand new phone a few months ago.

    Absolutelly, if you are lucky, have the exact right model, somebody else on the Internet did all the work for you in a nice video, the files you needed hadn't yet dissapeared from whatever file sharing cloud storage *#%$ they were place in, and you are technologically inclined, it shouldn't be too hard.

    On the other hand, the average person out there doesn't have the technical expertise to even begin to understand what's going on and the whole thing would fail on something as basic as not having the right USB drivers on their computer.

    All this to say that your expectation about what people in general are capable of doing is wildly of the mark.

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • Go check a place like AliExpress: plenty of those there.

    It's not even as if dumbphones are amazingly complicated and highly dependent on complex software to work - the actual complex mobile network stuff comes inside modules that do most of the work.

    If dumbphones aren't reaching people's hands in some countries the problem is in distribution or maybe lack or awareness: we do live in a Marketing-heavy society and people are almost conditioned to go for expensive branded stuff.

  • Free-Market Advocate, Elon Musk, Asks for U.S. Government to Put Tariffs on Chinese EV Imports
  • The "Free Market" is a fantasy originally pushed by Think Tanks funded by the Koch Brothers.

    All the great things we're told about The Free MarketTM only ever work in highly competitive markets with no barriers to entry were it's easy for any Jane, Jack or Joe to enter the Market and start competing with the rest: thinks like soap or teddy bears.

    As soon as something as simple as Land-ownership gets involved (for example, for your store in a prime location) it stops being perfectly competitive and all of a sudden you get feedback loops were the more money somebody does the more money somebody is capable of doing, meaning that first mover advantage is close to unassailable (and what we see in the modern world is that the ones with the biggest first mover advantages inherited them).

    The Free MarketTM is really just an ideological excuse from neoliberals to convince people that the power of the vote should be indirectly weakenned (sure, you can vote, but the State, which is controlled by voters' elected representatives, can't regulate or otherwise "intervene in the market", so de facto the vote loses most of its power) so that the Power of Money can do whatever it wants because "the Free Market knows best". Dig through the technochratic pseudo-Economic mumbo-jumbo and what you find is a ideology to weaken Democracy and replace it by Oligarchy.

  • Meanwhile, Marx: "Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class"
  • Oh man, that's hilarious.

    "Israel razed up the version of the Warsaw Ghetto called Gaza which they themselves created for the etnicity of a neighbouring country, so now it looks like a post-war bombed out German city hence Hamas are more like the Nazis"

    It's like claiming that everybody who breathes is like the Nazis because Nazis breathed.

    It's pretty desperate to go look for stuff that Hamas didn't actually do but was instead done to not even Hamas but Palestinians, by a completely different force who chose to do it, to claim that because it "looks like German cities at the end of WWII" hence Hamas are the ones more like the Nazis.

    Guess what: the guys murdering tens of thousands of children who they call "human animals" along with the rest of an entire people, and who desire a "final solution" are the Zionists, not Hamas, and even if Hamas turn out to be Fascists and would be as bad as the Nazis if they had the chance, we don't know that for sure whilst we do know with absolute certainty that Zionists are ultra-racist etno-nationalist Fascists just like the Nazis who are right know of their own choice purposefully murdering civilians just like the Nazis did.

    Hamas isn't even close to the level and kind of ultra-racists supremacist mass murder of civilians being commited by the Zionists along with the most racist dehumanizing excuses since the Nazis. The only in terms of Nazi-like actions and discourse anywhere close to Zionists are the actual Nazis, and even the Nazis didn't purposefully target and murder children and journalists as much as Zionists.

    In the Nazi scale, even when seen in the worst possible light Hamas are weak wannabes compared to Zionists.

  • Meanwhile, Marx: "Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class"
  • That's a hilarious use of the Chamberlain example given that the large strong nation invading their neighbours and killing massive numbers of civilians is Israel, same as Germany was doing back them, and Israeli politicians, just like the Nazis, keep on spouting some of the most rabidly racist Fascist stuff (including such beauties as "human animals", "final solution" and even sugesting the nuking of Gaza) since ... well ... the Nazis.

    Appeasing Israel - the actual large nation occupying their neighbours and mass murdering civilians along etnic lines - would be the closest to what Neville Chamberlain did, but not even Chamberlain actually sent the large aggressor occupier nation Genociding people along etnic lines of his day free military support to accelerate their Genocide, so History from now on will look at Chamberlain with a far less critical view thanks to the present day examples of ultra-racist Fascist Genocide support from the likes of Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz.

  • Meanwhile, Marx: "Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class"
  • So "thankie" is now used in the US in the same sense as "commie" used to be used in the US: to imply that somebody is an authoritarian communist.

    Which is what I wrote.

    I never said or implied it the term was invented by neoliberals. I further never said it was used by neoliberals in the correct way, i.e. for actual authoritarian communists.

    It's exactly the core of the problem that neoliberals use "tankie" in the same way that "commie" used to be used by old fashioned capitalist: to imply that anybody to the left of them aren't merelly center-right/center-left/left but actually the same as authoritarian communists.

    It would be absolutelly fine if Liberals were using "tankie" to refer to actual authoritarian communists only, but that's not what's been happenning at least here in Lemmy: it's been progressivelly applied to those less and less to the left (authoriarian or otherwise) to the point that it's even used for people who disagree with Biden's support for Zionism (an ultra-nationalist etnic fascist ideology) and the Genocide they're committing, or in other words, against those who do not support an etnic cleansing by a fascist government (i.e- those to the left of a position extremelly far to the right of center).

    This is similar to how in the old days "commie" was used for, say, people who were in favour of unions, though this present day usage of "tankie" is worse since back in WWII in American "commie" was not used to slander those that did not support the Nazis, though in Nazi Germany accusations of being a Communist were indeed used against anybody that disagreed with Nazism.

  • Little things you can do to save the environment
  • "People in the US consume far more meat than is normal or necessary for human beings to consume. This has resulted in an obesity epidemic, were heart and circulatory system problems are the biggest (second biggest?) cause of death in America and tens millions of people (probably more but I didn't check) spend decades of their lives suffering from chronic health conditions related to food overconsumption. Eating less meat is not only good for Environment of the planet you live in, it's also good for you".

    There you go.

    Start with an "eating less meat is good for you" message (that can even sway selfish assholes) and then as they get used to doing it slowly convince people to eat less and less meat, which is basically the step by step approach that Meatless Mondays is going for.

    Even just a reduction of the demand for meat might reduce the use of the worst, industrial, methods of killing of animal for food and will certainly reduce the number of animals getting raised just to be killed for food - it's basic Economics.

    Demanding that others MUST fully obbey your morals is just going to generate pushback and actually strengthen resistance to even the practical positives of being more like what you want, which ends up resulting in far more killings of animal than an approach that accepts that the way to perfect goes through less than perfect.

  • Meanwhile, Marx: "Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class"
  • It's a new way of saying "commie", used because it doesn't instinctivelly make people think of McCarthism and the Red Scare as explicitly using words such as "commie" and "Communist" would.

    In other words, rebranding, a Neoliberal speciality.

    The Red Scare is not just a thing of the Fascist Far-Right over there: now that they're even cozying up to Genocidal Fascists, the Oligarchic American Far-Right (a.k.a. Neoliberals or just Liberals) are also starting to use the same framing of "Everybody to the left us are Communists" as the Fascists, though, granted, they're more modern and sophisticated than the Fascists and use focus groups and other market research techniques to evaluate the reception of their messaging, which probably showed that words such as "commie" don't go well with their target audience, and things like "tankie" yield much better messaging interiorization and viral spreading thanks the absence of pre-existing skepticism associations, unlike with "commie".

    As more and more of the façade of Neoliberalism collapses and it becomes more and more obvious theirs is not a Political Ideology of Properity for the many, that their talk of Merit is complete total bollocks (every single one of the most celebrated "success stories" of the current Era were born rich) and that they're just a slicker, well-funded, marketing-heavy modern pro-Oligarchy Ideology, expect an increase in their demonization of any and all political opponents, much of it already visibily in many countries were Neoliberals call themselves "center" and "moderate" and call any political party who is not Neoliberal "extremists" - equally for leftwing or rightwing - even though the Overtoon Window having moved so much to the Right in 4 decades means most of those to their left who they call extremists defend policies that were considered center-left in the 70s (unions, universal healthcare, social security, progressive taxation, consumer protection, market regulation, nationalized critical infrastructure) whilst to the right of the Neoliberals there's just the Fascists.

  • Meanwhile, Marx: "Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class"
  • That's just a variant of the "We invaded Iraq to free them from the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein" argument of Republicans which sounds great until you notice that the 1.2 million deaths caused by the American invasion (around 140 thousand directly killed) massivelly dwarf the total of deaths caused by Saddam in his entire time in power.

    Giving them the "peace of the grave" isn't quite the "good deed" that one might thinking if fixated on the word peace.

    Then there's of course the small detail that Israel itself was subsidizing Hamas (curiously, just like the US was doing for Saddam originally) so the whole idea that what they're doing now is really helping Palestinians, beggars belief.

    After Iraq, that line of "argument" is beyond the "fool me once shame on you" stage and well into "fool me twice shame on me".

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • You're right and that was an exageration.

    That said, given the polls I saw mentioned here a few weeks ago, a majority of American is against what Israel is doing in Gaza, especially amongst Democrats.

    Surelly a strategy of "ultimate neutrality" would do a lot more to hold Democrat and Democrat-leaning votes than a strategy of "Zionist all the way plus symbolic things like holding a single ammo shipment for a few days" (especially considering that every symbolic act that innevitably turns out to be bullshit slowly but surelly undermines trust in Biden, not just for this but for all messaging from him and his campaign, which whilst not affecting tribalists - who are true believers no matter what - most definitelly affects people for whom "I'm a Democrat" is not at the level of personal identity).

    That would mean the first part of what I suggested: "announcing that it has been determined that Israel is indeed committing war crimes, followed by cutting support for them as per the Law when the recipient of help is committing such crimes". I confess I tackled sanctions there out of wishful thinking (hence prefixing it with "ideally").

    Please help me understand how "keep sending Netanyahu 2000lb bombs which he is using to kill children, doctors and journalists" is supposed to secure more votes than it loses. Which votes exactly does he expect to get from it that would otherwise not vote for him or vote Trump and how exactly are those such a huge fraction of votes that they can offset the votes he risks losing from people with even just some basic human empathy (they don't even need to be lefties)? Does the Biden Campaign team actually expects that Republicans will vote for him instead of Trump if he's pro-Genocide or that people's revulsion at seeing pictures of dead children will be easily forgotten at the pools and they'll vote for a guy helping it happen?

    Rationally, is it really the strategy that maximizes the chances of "Stop Trump" (as everybody else is being told by Biden they have to do) to keep on sending Weapons & Ammo to Israel and providing them with Intel whilst they keep on murdering civilians shamelessly and the cabinet members over there utter some of the mosts vile ultra-racist Nazi-like stuff since, well, the actual Nazis, and relying on an astroturfing campaign to convince the people with more Humanist leanings to overcome outright disgust and revulsion to vote for the guy helping the murders murder more?

    In my opinion, the safest strategy for a Democrat is then one I called above "ultimate neutrality". That being so, the possible reasons for Biden to do otherwise would be all kinds of shady (one can even say "sociopath" and maybe even "evil") and in direct confrontation with the stated objective of "Stop Trump", which is why I started my original post by pointing Biden and his peon's hypocrisy why demanding that others swallong their principles and vote for him to do just that.

    Does Team Biden really expect that fear for LGBT people being treated like second class citizens in America will be a stronger emotion for most people than images of little corpses wrapped in sheets amongst the bigger corpses after Israel bombed a refugee camp lilke I saw yesterday on TV???!

  • Pro-Palestine demonstrators in Portugal assaulted by Israeli tourists
  • "This is my place, my place"

    "Your place is is Africa! In Africa! Not here"

    Shouts the Russian Israeli in a Portuguese square to the Portuguese demonstrating there against the actions of the nation he chose to live in.

    Wow, just wow.

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • doesn’t stop Very Serious Leftists™ from parroting it over and over and over again.

    Mind you the cartoon is already heavilly Red Scare "anybody that disagrees is a Communist" so I'm not suprised with the whole implying that I'm a "commie" for disagreing with your political tribe.

    By the way, you're still refusing to answer the question of why Biden won't do himself what he demands from others...

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • Ah, an Ad Hominen: hadn't seen one of those in at least 5 minutes.

    How about you address my point that Biden isn't willing to abdicate just one of his principles (support for Zionism, which is not even an especially moral one) to "Stop Trump" whilst sending peons of his tribe around demanding that millions abdicate their principles (and Humanist ones, which are about the most Moral principles one can have) and vote for him - somebody supporting an ongoing Genocide - to "Stop Trump".

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • Oh, the massive hypocrisy of Biden refusing to swallow his Zionist principles and stop their Genocide, whilst at the same time sending his tribe's peons around to try and convince millions of people to swallow their Humanist principles and vote for a guy who supports Genocide.

    Biden could pretty much guarantee a win tomorrow by announcing that it has been determined that Israel is indeed committing war crimes, followed by cutting support for them as per the Law when the recipient of help is committing such crimes, ideally followed by sanctions.

    Yet he doesn't and instead there's a clear propaganda op with repeated variations of the claim that "Not being for Biden is being for Trump" (which, curiously, is just the authoritarianist argument "those who are not with us are agains us").

    Why does the supposedly elected representative of all Americans firmly refuse to follow Americans as they turned against the Zionist Genocide and instead acts like all dictators by doing what he himself wants disregarding the will of those he is supposed to represent?

    The argument of this and other similar posts which have innundated Lemmy would be a lot stronger if Biden wasn't an example of doing the exact opposite of what these posts demand from others, both the part of doing whatever it takes to stop Trump (which, as I explained above. Biden is not) and swallowing one's principles to stop something worse (i.e. Biden stopping acting as a Zionist in order to secure the votes to guarantee that Trump is stopped).

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