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Is everything pointless now or am I just not trying hard enough?
  • It feels like my life is falling apart, and trying to put it back together just makes things worse.

    Been there, done that. It sucks to always fall back down after crawling out of the hole you're in but you mustn't stop trying. Maybe stop for a moment and look back who you were and reflect who you are now. Never stop trying to improve yourself and the things you care about and the former will let you be in awe

    I know you can do it ❤️ you have to. And you should know it aswell

  • What is your preferred way of downloading youtube videos?
  • True, that guy seems like a jerk

    Also, if you only want the highest quality using the command line version is easy as running

    yt-dlp "link"

    for example:

    yt-dlp ""

    Although it needs ffmpeg too for certain websites that have seperate audio and video streams. Maybe that's why your previous experiences have been wonky

  • Has anyone played Skyrim special edition on gog?
  • Using lutris it should run flawlessly, even with MO2

    Instead of giving money to Bethesda AGAIN you could also remove Steams DRM from your copy of the game with Steamless via Wine

    You need to enable don't rebase text section or what it's called to not break SKSE mod support though (not at my computer atm. I can update you on the exact wording later if you want me to)

  • Millions of OnlyFans paywalls make it hard to detect child sex abuse, cops say
  • Could you imagine how little the police would get done if they had special accounts with unlimited access to every OnlyFans account? Personally if I had something like that I would probably just phase out of this reality

    Ummm, you do know there is a website for that right?

  • [Possible bug] Sharing a post to Firefox makes Voyager into Firefox, and I can't get back!
  • Doing this also opens Firefox in Voyager here on A14. Going back via Androids navigation gestures works as expected (not sure if this is what you meant)

    I am curious though, why would you share a post to Firefox when there's a dedicated button to open a posts link in your default browser?

  • Deepfake Creators Are Revictimizing GirlsDoPorn Sex Trafficking Survivors
  • Except that ad blockers also provide protection against malware, phishing and tracking. Having no ad blocker on is like having a one night stand over and over again without ever using a condom. Might work out for years on end, until you finally get infected

  • Windows 11 is now automatically enabling OneDrive folder backup without asking permission
  • All of them.

    Biggest difference a distro does is their update cycle and how much the distro "takes care" of you. Some of them do everything behind the scenes to make it just work. Others need more user interaction to reach the same state (but tend to teach you the inner workings too, which will open up a LOT of customization)