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  • Suppose I'll perish

  • It's so over
  • Laughs electronically

  • Scientists Use Mice Models to Help Pinpoint Possible Main Cause of Sensory Hypersensitivity in Autism (not conclusive)
  • This basically, as in my case, my sensory issues make it hard to do many fairly basic things, and causes lots of discomfort that otherwise wouldn't bother me if not for the sensitivity.

    "Fixing" is very different from "reducing the issues for the person with the sensitivity, making life relatively easier to handle".

  • Voluntary Mandatory rule
  • I've been seeing it in several places, as comments and replies, unrelated to whatever it's about, and always from users from Perhaps someone trying to use bots that the instance hasn't removed yet.

  • Fafo
  • Is that term Memes, the DNA of the soul?

  • Louisiana becomes 1st state to require the Ten Commandments be posted in classrooms
  • Wait, what's getting jesus'd...?

    Oh, I did not think of the implications of making that a verb.

  • Oxygen
  • Wait a minute, something feels off...

  • Helldivers 2 reviews start to improve after Sony backs down from enforcing PSN account linking
  • Think of it like this: Arrowhead, the developers, spent almost 8 years developing the game, getting funding throughout from Sony, which managed the publishing side of things so they could focus on game development.

    Then, around 6 months before release, over 7 years of development up to that point, Sony wanted PSN to be required for the game, and clearly by release time, that was not enough time to even implement or test that well enough.

    Their hands were tied years in advance, they couldn't just let almost 8 years of their development time go to waste over one decision by their publisher, nor could they reasonably go against the publisher or get a new publisher only about 6 months before release.

    On their end, they didn't do anything particularly wrong, unless they could see the future over 7 years before and realize Sony was going to practically pull the rug out from under them with everything in Sony's favor, a decision only actually made far more recently.

  • Democracy is back on the menu!
  • In Helldivers 2's case, say a cheater forces everyone in that mission to max out samples/medals/super credits, it entirely kills the progression and takes away a reason to keep playing unless it's reverted safely, which then means that mission was pointless because someone else used cheats.

  • The Millennial CAPTCHA
  • What's odd is I instantly recognized how to type on that type of phone, but I'm from roughly gen Z.

  • Every helldiver counts
  • What's funny is, one time I had someone consistently just shooting me every time I got reinforced. After the 3rd time, I headshot them with a counter sniper once, reinforced them immediately, then went back to what I was doing, and they just stopped shooting me after that. Absolute mystery to me really.

  • Every helldiver counts
  • And have you noticed the automatons moved up a bit on the map, making more room at the bottom?

  • Kansas governor passes law requiring ID to view acts of 'homosexuality' online, vetos 2 anti-LGBTQ+ bills
  • It tends to get shortened to "Trans", though I could see specifying shortly with something like "Transsex" or "Transgen" for more precise abbreviation.

  • Kansas governor passes law requiring ID to view acts of 'homosexuality' online, vetos 2 anti-LGBTQ+ bills
  • It's quite nice seeing other Ace people around, AroAce myself.

    Also, that does make sense, I've just not really seen anyone use that term for it before now that I can recall.

  • Hello
  • Yep, that's how things start after all.

  • Kansas governor passes law requiring ID to view acts of 'homosexuality' online, vetos 2 anti-LGBTQ+ bills
  • It's interesting seeing "nonsexual" as opposed to "Asexual" or something like "Asexual Spectrum", followed by "allosexual".

    No offense intended or anything, just making mention for visibility.

  • He fell (Art by Riveroux)
  • Alright, who installed ADHD on a server? I have several questions including: How?

  • feeling attacked rule
  • There's also black-grey-white-purple, or in direct terms, the Asexual flag, the one you mentioned being for Aromantic. There's also a specific flag for both combined, or "Aroace", because you can be one, the other, or both at the same time.

  • Rule
  • Rings at a very basic level tend to be moons that could be, or could have been, if they were higher in orbit such that gravity wouldn't tear the moon apart. They can also be from moons or even planets colliding, the debris in the aftermath forming the rings, which if not too low in orbit, could reform into a moon as well, which seems likely to be how our own moon formed.

  • Weird rule
  • Yeah, that pretty much sums up how it should be, and it would be great if more people understood that point. That you don't have to like or enjoy what someone else does, yet you can still have acceptance for them enjoying what safely makes them happier, rather than rejecting things for being different than what's perceived as "normal".