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Quit my job today to go into business for myself (electrician). I'm not quite free from work, but at least now *I'm* the one getting paid for it.
  • Oh yeah, I've been doing lots of prep work. I was working at a supply house so once I got to know all the regulars who came through I networked hard and have been taking all the advice I can get. Nailing down my accountant is definitely one thing I'm ticking off asap.

    Like you said, it'll be worth it. I may have my tools on for 30hrs and have other work to do for another 40 every week, but it comes back to me and my family, not making some rich asshole richer.


  • Quit my job today to go into business for myself (electrician). I'm not quite free from work, but at least now I'm the one getting paid for it.

    Alarms will return as needed, eventually. But for now? Peace at last


    World's first Solo Witness clear completed by Bog on my Dog! the uncut video

    No Lawns and Native Plants Resources (request)
  • Printed some of these off at work earlier, thank you! I'm just dipping my toes in permaculture, trying to gather resources and information. But I'm not a gardener and this basic stuff is very helpful as well! I didn't know the majority of that about properly trimming trees, I look forward to doing it right and having a nice, shady, healthy, productive yard :)

  • Borderlands 2 improved on everything I liked from B1
  • Yeah, once you're on your second and third playthroughs of New Game + it's obligatory for everything gig. You'll want a good slag weapon to swap to constantly. Which is very irritating with only 4 slots, it becomes harder to cover all your bases.

  • You think you know a person...
  • I'm another one there with you. I read Fellowship all the way through and quit. I've got other Tolkein books I just can't bother to pick up. I appreciate what he did 100%, and I'll watch The Two Towers from time to time still. But there are much more interesting stories out there imo

  • 70%
  • "There isn't a Republican party anymore" is a ludicrous thought. You really think all these conservatives are going to roll over and let Democrats actually win like that?

    Conservative Christians are indoctrinated very deeply and reinforce that strongly in social settings. You can change perspectives over time, but they ain't gonna watch 70% of the population vote in a swarm of Democrats without screaming "fraud"

  • By improving the performance of a Nerf gun, you "buff" it, which is ironic


    Robert Oppenheimer demonstrating how to run run run, run run run away from the blast of the atomic bomb (1944, colorized)


    I finally joined the SF club! The emblem stays on forever now.

    Far too many attempts but I got it.

    Solar Warlock w Sunbracers ALH+CC Riptide, S4A+Incandescent Epochal Integration, Xenophage for everything till the final boss. Then I swapped Xenophage for Recon+B&S Apex Predator, and brought Sunshot.

    On to the next one!


    Finally soloed a dungeon, Pit of Heresy. not even close to flawless, but I did it.

    Been playing a little less than a year. Just felt like sharing :) if you've been thinking of trying solo dungeons, I promise that if my sorry ass could brute-force his way through one, you can too!


    Read the room, man