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McDonald's is getting rid of self-serve drinks and some locations may charge for refills
  • red lobster didn't make dumb choices that made them go bankrupt. they were devoured by a private equity firm against their will.

    but yeah, fuck em.

    where I am, we lost all our self-serve drink machines in covid/2020 and they never came back. for everywhere.

  • California bill would require new cars to beep at speeding drivers
  • warn drivers with audible and visual signals when they exceed the speed limit by greater than ten miles per hour,” Senator Wiener’s office said.

    OP is a misleading dick.

    it's just a light and sound from your gps.

  • California bill would require new cars to beep at speeding drivers
  • the headline is very misleading. There is no beeping at other drivers, or honking of horns.

    Just a notification to you, the driver of your own car if your car a) knows the local speed and b) is exceeding it by a set amount.

    This notification can be disabled.

    like, if you're in a 30 zone, and go 35, your satnav/gps will go "ding!" and a small light will go on the dash/lcd screen.

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • in the civilized world, there is. You call the police for an event like this, and they send their psych staff over with support. The issue where I am is that they work normal hours, so late night/weekends you'll get the support team only (who are still not regular, untrained cops).

  • Escaping?

    Why is their song "Escaping" so hard to find?

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    When faced with a series of unfortunate events, I make a series of poor choices.

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