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But don't say it out loud
  • See they're having us fill the whole back up again. This isn't a mass grave. They're just putting us to work! See creating jobs why complain?

  • Baby injured as machete wielding man attacks his neighbors in Switzerland
  • They didn't tell us the age of the assailant last time or the victim. I'm guessing they tend to choose words for the headline that might have the most impact.

    "White Swiss man wielding a machete attacks other Swiss people and injures possibly white Swiss baby" Just doesn't seem to really fit in a headline.

  • Who would win?
  • If the cube is wiped in a single shot, there might not be enough borg left with enough data to adapt. They aren't adapting magically, they are able to analyze the shot and adjust their shields to block shots.

    Ill bet, if they could sneak up on some cubes they could pop a few before the Borg really got wise.

  • Fruitecake uses mental gymnastics to explain why Atheism is a religion
  • Atheism is a religion like off is a channel on TV.

  • Ah yes, organization.
  • I think it might have exploded if I hit "undo"

  • Open Source Rule
  • If it's Microsoft telling us that then why does the computer look like an iMac?

  • Barely side bee-booty
  • Wow, what an incredible photo.

  • Climate crisis with Poison Ivy
  • Killing the first one probably won't any more than killing a single mouse doesn't stop an infestation, but once the mice realize that you got a couple of cats they will find the exit.

    That's why you need to put traps by the exit too, the mice know too much and might potentially regroup to return with better tactics. You've got to get them all in one swift purge.

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • Adobe basically invented the SaaS model. It's not really practical to bootleg most Adobe products anymore either so most people break down and just pay the million dollar a year subscription fee so they can keep using it.

  • China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog and its AI-powered puppy
  • Communism is incompatible with private property or classes which is why no matter how many states write "communism" on the tin, what they actually put in it is just fascist enforced state capitalism.

    China is not more communist or even socialist than the USA. A strong ruling class loves fascism and hates socialism. They are actively hostile to communism.

  • China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog and its AI-powered puppy
  • China is state capitalism anyway. There isn't much Communist about them. The "party" is their 1% permanent ruling class.

  • Motherly advice
  • Get some fake tattoos and put a rock in your shoe too.

    Don't wear any clothes you wear elsewhere or bought in a way that can be tracked back to you.

  • Challenge
  • "Can I have extra napkins?"

    "Uh, actually I asked for non-fat skim mocha..."

    "Aren't you a little young/old to be working here?"

    "I specifically asked for mine to come with no pickle"

  • Why people don't talk about Google Maps' privacy issues
  • That just goes with a territory of having an iPhone. When you bought that device you signed on to a culture of consumption that is enforced by the developer of that device.

    The developer can't force Apple to let the developer give it to you for free. Apple doesn't tolerate free very well and anything that is free on Apple is likely either a privacy nightmare or is paid for by some subscription you have with Apple.

    This isn't a problem with the app It's a problem with the Apple.

  • Steam is such a good game store
  • Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to uphold our principles.

    Not getting abused by Sony and it's ilk Is just one of the many principles that we can uphold at minimal risk and for minimal cost.

  • Help us
  • I think it's short for negligently discharged but it's kind of stupid to shorten that. I can't imagine what reason there is to not just write " negligently discharged".

    Frankly I think calling it a "negligent discharge" is giving the officer too much credit. The gun shouldn't even have been unholstered. Guns are used to shoot not threaten. If he was pulling the gun out then he intended to fire it and if he pulled the gun out without intending to fire it then it wasn't a negligent discharge it was an incompetent booger hooking by a pants shitting coward.

  • FCC restores net neutrality rules that ban blocking and throttling in 3-2 vote
  • I'm curious where you are that a business line doesn't cost more than a residential one because in my area it's three times as much. I am fortunate enough that I get symmetrical gigabit for $90 a month and although they don't promise static IP my IP has not changed in a while.

    If I wanted to get a real static IP I would have to upgrade to a business line It would cost $280 a month.

  • "I want to live forever in AI"
  • The series has a very satisfying conclusion.

    It's one of the coolest fucking things we watched this last year.

  • Turtles! AFaithfulNihilist

    a comfy place to bask

    I couldn't let Donnie stay in the wild because sliders aren't supposed to be here, but he looks really comfortable underneath his jungle of raspberries, basil, and potatoes while he basks on a bed of moss.


    I found a bunch of these crawling around inside my garage. What is this Bug?

    They seem to spin some kind of silk everywhere they go. They seem to be no longer than about 4 mm. I noticed them crawling up things and then dropping down on a line of silk. I've started catching them by putting little sticks up in the air attached everywhere that I find them. They tend to gather at the top of the stick for easy rapture by vacuum.


    I took apart a giant projection TV and there were a bunch of these lining the screen mount.

    I feel like they probably have something to do with light level detection or infrared signal receiving but I genuinely have no idea. They could just as likely be part of the sound system for all I know.


    Peterson rule


    When a friend expresses an interest in poetry, there are rules.

    I will try not to over explain the life out of it


    Behold this mighty shillelagh, the Burl of walking Earth


    Blessed be the Wand of Rivers


    Mega's Cola


    A large colony of what is likely Amanita muscaria var. guessowii growing under a rare Sergeant hemlock


    It's a weird competition to be sure


    The orange man questions working on a Sunday

    homelab AFaithfulNihilist

    Recently updated my Network Diagram, Its still a work in progress

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    I added some more unifi APs, a Raspberry Pi4 for a low power unifi controller, and I replaced the MOCA bridges with multiple Cat6 runs letting me power most of the wifi from the generator in the basement across the house.

    I should probably do a full write up of what it all is and why, and I plan to get optimum and Verizon working together so I can leverage both internet connections in the whole house.