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Abortion Groups Say Tech Companies Suppress Posts and Accounts
  • Unfortunately, its their platform and their rules.... And not even rules.... Their whims.

    I dont know why people expect corporations to support anything other than profit. You want free speech? For-profit, non-free platforms aren't the place to do it

  • Critérium du Dauphiné Results [Spoiler]
  • Friendship with Woods ended*. Gee is now Canada's best friend!

    *just kidding. Still love woods

    But holy crap... Derek Gee only 36" behind primoz effing roglic, while hanging on to the lead group that dropped rog on the last climb???

    Can climb, can TT, can kick at the line even when completely gassed (see his dauphine stage win and all his 2nd places in giro 2023)

    We havent had a legit GC canadian since ryder hesjedal (and he only won the 2012 giro in a weak field)

    I am so effing hyped for Gee... Such a loveable, wholesome canadian. The more i learn about him, the more i love him. He likes cats and birding and winning bike races. What's not to love???

  • Starship Troopers: Extermination - Official Release Date Trailer | IGN Live 2024
  • I"ve been playing this in early access for a while now....

    Based on the current state of the game, october seems a bit rushed

    They have a lot of bugs to fix, and a lot of optimization to do to get the fps up to where it needs to be.

  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VII - Official Teaser Trailer
  • Been playing since civ2...

    I sank so much of my life into civ4 and civ5....

    I couldnt get into civ6... Probably under 20hr of play time

    I hope civ7 has something special that will get me back to that "one more turn" feeling...

  • What is/was your distrohopping journey?
  • For me, no....

    I've gone from debian 9 to debian 11 and now debian sid without reinstalling OS on my desktop

    Same with my servers. Debian 8 -> 11 all upgrades in-place. Will have to upgrade to 12 soon....

    The only time i messed up an upgrade is when accidentally used the codename "bookworm" in the sources file and skipped a major version. The system tried to fully upgrade 2 versions ahead and promptly borked itself.... But it was an LXC container so i just rolled back my mistake. Lesson learned...

    But yeah. Full re-installs have NEVER been a thing for me since going debian. It will even happily clone to a new SSD when you need to upgrade your hardware. (As long as your new hardware has in-kernel drivers, or at least some basic functionality to boot and fix the problem, if any)

  • smoking
  • I keep hearing how addictive nicotine is (7x more than heroin??), but in my experience, i never got addicted. Is there something wrong with my brain?

    I never smoked two packs a day, but i spent at least 3 years smoking socially (2 or 3 smokes at work every day and then 2 or 3 smokes at the bar on the weekend). So around a pack a week.

    But during that time, i could always just take a week or two off if i needed to. I always wanted a smoke (especially with a beer or coffee) but i could resist the urge, no problem.

    At the end of the 3 years, i just quit cold turkey. I would keep smoking once in a while with a beer, but i never went back to regular smoking...

    Do you only get addicted if you're smoking a pack a day or more?

  • Loblaws boycott: Costco and Walmart are Canadians’ top low-cost grocery store alternatives
  • That said, I think Costco is clearly the lesser of these particular evils. I have no doubt that given time they'll turn to shit, but thus far (to my understanding) they at least pay something resembling a living wage and have reasonably consumer-friendly policies.

    You're absolutely right. Give credit where credit is due.

    But eventually when the line stops going up then all of those worker/customer friendly policies will go out the window.

  • Private chat app using wifi only. No SIM available

    My niece has an old iphone with no SIM/phone number. Only wifi internet access.

    Looking for an app for both of us to be able to chat

    She cant chat with me over signal because no phonee number. She chats with the rest of the family over imessage, but i have an android phone

    Is there an app available for both android and iphone to let me chat with her?


    Edit: willing to self-host for extra privacy. My nieces and nephews are all young children so i definitely want to encourage/educate them to get off corporate controlled communications channels


    Is having a coach right for me?

    I'm looking to qualify for boston (M41, 3:10 for my age group)

    Current PR is 3:20

    Is having a coach worth my money and their time? I have no delusions of being an elite runner. Is coaching a good tool for my current level?


    does anyone know what happened to

    i guess i just experienced one of the biggest downsides to the fediverse that people have been talking about. instance suddenly disappeared with no warning. i guess i've lost my follow list


    walking is "illegal and dangerous" Ben Daubney :mastodon: (@[email protected])

    Attached: 1 image @[email protected] This blows my mind. Imagine making infrastructure so car dependent that you make walking illegal.

    Ben Daubney :mastodon: (
    5 SEC asked Coinbase to trade only in bitcoin before suing crypto exchange -FT

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had asked Coinbase to stop trading in all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin before suing the cryptocurrency platform in June, the Financial Times reported on Monday, citing CEO Brian Armstrong.

    SEC asked Coinbase to trade only in bitcoin before suing crypto exchange -FT

    gensler is one of us! confirmed btc maxi


    [Rumour] "Remco Evenepoel is seeking to leave Soudal-QuickStep ..."

    EDIT: if you're going to downvote the post, please comment and say why.... i'm happy to learn what kind of content is not welcome here. this is a very new community that's a bit dead and lacking content. so it's not really helpful to just downvote things without saying why at this early stage

    full text from the bird site thread: >Remco Evenepoel is seeking to leave Soudal-QuickStep, various close sources have informed RadioCycling, with the world champion unhappy about the team’s future direction and doubting if they can support his ambitions, such as winning the Tour de France in 2024. > > We understand that Evenepoel’s camp have contacted a number of teams after concerns over QuickStep’s finances. Evenepoel also doesn’t believe his wage compares with that of his peers. It's thought he earns no more than €4m after bonuses, compared to Pogačar’s reported €7m. > > One close source to Evenepoel said: “It will all come down to money… and his current contract underpays him. Patrick Lefevere needs to adapt his contract or risk conflict.” > > Evenepoel has a contract until the end of 2026 and we understand there are no breakout clauses. > > Ineos Grenadiers are the clear favourites to sign Evenepoel and met with his representatives last autumn. But RadioCycling understands that Israel-PremierTech are also a genuine possibility, with Evenepoel’s camp having very close relationships with Israel staff members > > Despite rumours linking both Lidl-Trek and Bora-hansgrohe to Evenepoel, senior sources at both teams said they haven’t opened up discussions with the 23-year-old. Multiple sources have confirmed that any transfer would be a “package deal” involving Specialized. > > Signing Evenepoel, however, is not easy. Despite reports to the contrary, sources have confirmed that all outstanding bonuses have been paid, therefore there is no contract breach. Patrick Lefevere told RadioCycling: “I don’t owe €1 to anybody. Everything is paid.” > > That means the only possibility for Evenepoel departing is if someone buys out his remaining contract, something that is likely to cost in excess of €10m. Lefevere insists that he won't sell. > > He also rubbished claims Ineos owner Jim Ratcliffe could buy QuickStep’s licence.

    just some rumour fodder to fill some time on TdF rest day

    seems bonkers insane that IPT is in the conversation, given that sylvan adams is already regretting setting a pile of cash on fire with froomey


    Red Hat shitstorm

    Everyone is getting jerked around by IBM and now Oracle adding to the drama

    Meanwhile my servers are stable and debian development keeps quietly chugging along with minimal noise

    Just wanted to say how much i love the debian project and all the contributors

    People should recommend debian more


    is there a way to do a full version upgrade from kde desktop GUI?

    i installed debian with KDE for a friend years ago... is there a way to upgrade to bookworm using the "discover" GUI? or are they going to have to edit /etc/apt/sources.list?

    not they they are incapable of doing something simple like this, but just wondering if there is a GUI method to do a full version upgrade



    time to rethink ban on riding positions?

    We took away two important descending tools from the riders

    1. Supertuck
    2. Fake aero bars/puppy paws (i hate that term, carlton)

    Do you think that riders would take less risk on turns if they could still do supertuck? Or would riders supertuck AND take big risks on hairpins?

    Not blaming Mader or saying he took risks. But the incident made me think about risk management