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AI candidate running for Parliament in the U.K. says AI can humanize politics
  • Hahahhhhaaha are you fucking kidding me? Come on. Black Mirror much?

    Spoiler: far-right fuckstains with no jobs or life are the only ones interacting with this trash using Project2025 and white supremecist forums as source material to get fascist policies passed.

    Fuck Sussex businessman Steve Endacott, and fuck this garbage.

  • Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • There's a hallmark/lifetime movie about this. The bank isn't WF but we all know who it is.

    After his corporate rah-rah and disbelief his bank full of good ethical people would do such a thing, at the behest of the main character he finds out from some marketing chuds it is in fact true. Believing in the company to do the right thing he goes against the main character's wishes and tells an exec who expectedly closes the accts of the vocal customers and sweeps it all under the rug - deleting all record.

    The love interest finds out his company doesn't actually care about their customers when he asks if they are going to do a full company investigation and the exec laughs and instead offers up a potential promotion instead.

    I knew the whole plotline was bullshit when he quit to become a whistleblower. As he gave his first interview on the main character's tv station, he gave his full name as he did a live interview and didn't get murdered by the bank immediately.

    Thanks to Boeing we all learned that whistleblower is a far more dangerous profession than police officer and the chance of dying is thousands of percent higher. You really have to suspend disbelief at the movie plot.

  • Senate Republicans block Democratic bill to establish nationwide IVF protections
  • Reminds me of that poem:

    _First they came for abortion, and I did not speak out— Because I was not need an abortion.

    Then they came for IVF, and I did not speak out— Because I did not need IVF.

    Then they came for the Stork—and there was no one left to speak for him._

    In all seriousness though, fuck this shit. This is purely religious driven bullshit. Separation of church and state.

  • Some company heads hoped return-to-office mandates would make people quit, survey says
  • If you can replace one talented high-wage employee with 3 college hires then do this a couple times statistically you're still going to retain some talented employees because not all can leave. Those that remain will train the others ou of necessity either directly by management or indirectly by a fear of missing timelines/ego/being the local expert/etc.

    Management knows this and actively encourages this behavior because by the time the talented employee burns out and self-destructs, at least one trainee will be competent enough to keep things moving.

  • YouTube Is Cracking Down on Gun Content, and 3D-Printed Gun Makers Aren't Happy
  • You saying "broaden your sources of information" is you saying "do your own research" otherwise you would have shared sources that say otherwise.

    But you're not here to argue in good faith you're here to paint me as combatitive and bow out of the argument acting like you can take some high road but still not bringing anything constructive to the conversation.

    You saying "not worth your time" is you saying "I have no idea and you called me out so now I have to save face". And the fact that you consider someone replying to you in any way a "fight"? Well you're gonna have to work on that with someone professional. You aren't a victim when someone disagrees with you. Toughen up.

    Don't downplay white supremacists by saying "well it's only like the meth heads that agree with the cops against minorities" because that is absolutely incorrect. And it makes you sound like you are downplaying white supremecy to not be a big deal since it's "only the meth heads" and meth heads are bad. The problem is that it's not just them but also politicians, police, solidiers, your fellow church-goers, your priests/pastors, etc.

    If you are having a rough go of it currently and need someone to talk to, let me know. I'm here, friend.

  • Gettysburg report
  • There is no point. He just repeats a topic sentence, randomly hurls insults or says things that scare him as a human fart, and then repeats the topic sentence again. People on the same mental level think it's prophetic because mentally they aren't equipped for thinking.