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15 seconds after the end of IARU Championship
  • About 1m 15s remaining:

    45s after 1200Z:

  • 15 seconds after the end of IARU Championship

    You can see a sharp decline in activity about mid-screen.

    About 1m 15s remaining: !

    45s after 1200Z:


    aMATEur RaDio Is dEAD
  • You can listen to your heart's content here: (where this image is from).

    If you want to get in on the action, consider pursuing your Amateur Radio Operator's License. If you're in the US, the Amateur Radio Relay League is a sufficient place to start, and you can use to prepare for your test.

    In the 14Mhz range you'll see a diurnal oscillation of who you can hear because during the day this particular band tends to only get out to about 1500 miles, at night we can reach over 10,000 miles. I've had plenty of contacts with Japan, and on digital modes I've gotten out to 11,000 miles. I've made contacts in Indonesia from New Mexico. On digital mode (which does not use voice) I hit the Reunion Islands on the east side of Africa with only 100W and a vertical omnidirectional antenna.

    Number stations are wild. There's even more to signals intelligence, too. There are Over the horizion radars (OTHR) and bouys, wave radars, and wildly encrypted digital bursts–all of which you can hear.

  • aMATEur RaDio Is dEAD
  • This is a wonderful question! This is a spectral waterfall display of audio frequencies. The dense area on the left are the CW (Morse code) portions of the spectrum where there are quite a lot of people communicating in Morse code. The bright bands just to its right is the FT8 data mode (which also uses audio frequencies) to send and receive very short messages. The broad area on the right are people communicating via voice transmissions on Single Sideband.

  • aMATEur RaDio Is dEAD

    Granted, this is the IARU Championship. But that's a lot of people on the radio.

    Nearly all AT&T cell customers’ call and text records exposed in a massive breach
  • Ahh, so that massive outage in Feb was a DDoS misdirect.

  • If anyone ever asks you about sails
  • Just a quick WAG: at one point it was the topmost sail, and then someone was like “what if we put another sail on top of that one so we can go seven speed?”

    The next sail on top became the Gallant, and so forth, apparently topping out the tech with a Moonraker.

  • Mobile ads suck so bad. How did we get here?
  • And they even have DNS profiles for most devices. I’ve been running some form of AdGuard for nearly a decade. On the rare occasion I do see an ad, it’s quite surprising.

  • Female firefighter posing for a picture, London, UK, 1925
  • This holds true for a great deal of contemporary thoughts for any given time.

    Everything is arbitrary and we all make it up as we go along.

  • Players Celebrate Mod That Deletes Homeless People in Cities: Skylines II
  • Our timeline is, unfortunately, aligning with the movie The Purge.

  • NOAA-19 APT (Late Morning Pass, Lincoln NE Area)
  • I'm a little envious. I've been trying to get some WEFAX in my current temp QTH but haven't gotten more than some blurry isolines which might actually be political borders idk

    These are gorgeous.

  • What's the cheapest thing you had bought that by the end of its usefulness made you say "wow, this was worth a lot more than what I've paid for!"
  • 100% this. Went all in and bought a really nice open comb handle to go with it, then stopped shaving completely a year or so later. Haven’t looked back.

    E: I really did enjoy shaving with it, just got tired of shaving.

  • What's the cheapest thing you had bought that by the end of its usefulness made you say "wow, this was worth a lot more than what I've paid for!"
  • They have scoreboards you can program in. Made a jump counter once and proceeded to gawk at the number of times I jumped in game after a year or so.

  • Family
  • Lean into this and always have a lengthy, detailed presentation ready to go at the drop of a hat. Just an absolute knowledge vomit.

    They’ll do this once and never again.

  • What's the appeal of family life vlogs/ YT channels?
  • Close. She dreamed of gawking and judging others without being judged in return.

  • Cursed wretched marketing
  • The white and gold dress, you mean?

  • What's the appeal of family life vlogs/ YT channels?
  • Escapism.

    Some people dream of expensive cars, some people dream of sailing off into the sunset, and some people dream of pregnancy reveals. All these videos offer people something missing in their own life, or an alternative they can daydream about between episodes.

  • Can we get the ten commandments posted in both US houses of Congress?
  • Restream a public feed with said scoreboard, commentary, and live twitch comments.

  • Can I install linux on this?
  • Was a bit tongue-in-cheek mate, I’m sorry and it wasn’t fair because you are here looking for guidance.

    Please check out Linux From Scratch:

  • Can I install linux on this?
  • You can install Linux on anything you can get it on.

    E: Please check out

  • Can I share my Signal username publicly?
  • Art of Reverse Scraping. Now the previous commenter will get at least a couple known good Signal handles to spam for a little.

  • ARRL Field Day has begun!

    20m at 1500Z.

    Side note: for the last three days I’ve enjoyed nearly bottomless noise floors; been making SSB QSOs to Japan, Indonesia, and even Rarotonga. Then–today of all days–the AirBnB beside my house has turned on their aircon and it’s completely wiping out all but the strongest signals. My waterfall looks like college ruled notebook paper:


    1830Z Update:


    1900Z. This is wild.



    Mast ideas and recommendations

    I currently use a ~35' (~10m) fiberglass telescoping mast, and I love it. It's great when I hoist my 10m window line j-pole (thank you KB9VBR!) and now that I'm messing around on 20m, it's just too short. My SWR is a bit higher than it ought to be on account of ground reflection since I can't get the base of the radiating element more than about ~1m (~3') off the ground.

    The antenna I use (currently, at least) is fairly lightweight, so I'm not worried about mast flexion since the wight will largely be just outside mast center.

    I am not to deterred by cost, and I am trying to avoid metallic antennas for fear it will mess with my radiation patterns and SWR in a new way. I am greatly interested in telescoping options.

    Are you familiar with fiberglass or carbon fiber masts which get the top to a definite 15m (~50')?

    Nearly all of my operations are /P, so it really has to be fairly convenient. I recognize that these requirements may be a little mutually exclusive.


    ARRL Service Disruption Update (29 May)

    >Updated 5/29/2024 > >This update includes information about the status of several services as we continue to respond to a serious incident involving access to our network and systems. > >The ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (ARRL VEC) has resumed the processing of Amateur Radio License applications with the FCC. A more comprehensive update on the status of ARRL VEC services is available here. > >There has been no interruption to visitor operating at W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station. The station resumed voice bulletins on Thursday, May 23. All other scheduled transmissions, including Morse code practice, and code and digital bulletins, will resume on Thursday, May 30. Please refer to the regular operating schedule at > >After last week's distribution of the ARRL Letter, our e-newsletter service has resumed. Current editions of ARRL Club News and The ARES® Letter have also been distributed. > >ARRL Store orders have resumed shipping. Orders are being fulfilled from earliest order dates to the latest. Please allow additional time for our processing. > >There has been no disruption to the email forwarding service, though forwarding email addresses and aliases cannot be modified at this time. > >Our telephone system is unavailable at this time. > >We appreciate your patience as we continue working on restoring access to affected systems and services.


    Log dilemma; seeking your input

    I have a small dilemma regarding logging a QSO, and I'm wondering if you can guide me through it. I made a contact the other day while doing POTA, but I did not capture the entire callsign. The error was only revealed after I saw their re-spot on the POTA site; if it weren't for that small glimpse, I would never know, and we'd never confirm in QRZ.

    The Eagle Scout in me suggests that I should not change my logs based on the 3rd party information, but my QSO sent me a QRZ confirmation request.

    On the other hand, borrowing from aviation, I am keen to "use all available resources", recognizing that so long as we have the tech and tools, we should use them, even if that may fly in the face of radio purity.

    What say ye?


    Radio Day, and a Total Solar Eclipse

    Man, what an amazing day which will be long–if not impossible–to forget.

    In the late 90s, I observed my first partial eclipse from South Florida. Then and there I decided I needed to see a total solar eclipse. Nearly 30 years later, I made good on that little personal promise. The moment I realized I would be in position to get along the path of totality, I made plans with my spouse to do so. We saved the date and planed the logistics.


    I, of course, ensured my radio was packed and fully functional; charged the battery the night before. We left Del Rio, the closest place we could find reasonable accommodations, at 0400L. By 0700L we had hoisted and strung the OCF dipole and we were ready to go in DL98rv, just under the central path of the eclipse on the side of Hwy 131 in Texas just beyond the US-Mexican border.


    The Tech section of 10m was silent that early, but I kept calling CQ until I started getting QSOs, pretty much went ten in a row in nearly the same number of minutes once the band came alive.

    I had wanted to participate in the research project contest, but the instructions and bonuses were a little overwhelming, but I did manage to make one QSO during totality. On the one hand, I was expecting propagation attenuation, but the QSO I made was over 1,500 miles away.


    I've read over and over about experiencing totality. Photos will never do it justice. Words doubly so. If you've ever been on the fence about traveling to see totality–just do it.

    Lessons learned or confirmed:

    • Get there at least two days before; scout potential setup locations. We scouted several locations with our radio setup in mind. We didn't want to risk trampling on private property, and the OCF antenna (being a 7-band) has nearly a 200' wingspan on its longest dimension. We needed plenty of space while also being considerate to others who would certainly want to see the eclipse as well. We must be good stewards of Amateur Radio.
    • Get lodging as near as you can, as far in advance as you can, maybe no more than an hour away.
    • Set up at least six hours before C1 (eclipse start).
    • Make considerations for food and toilets. I was fortunate that our travel partners had a trailer with a functioning toilet. In my eagerness, I had completely overlooked the requirement for toilets.
    • Don't underestimate the value of a radio day checklist.
    • A 7-band OCF dipole is absolutely unwieldy for portable ops. I love the mast I've been using, but the antenna itself is a huge pain–and a huge footprint–to get up. For future ops, I plan to go with a monoband. I am planning to make KB9VBR's 10m window line j-pole to hoist on the mast instead.
    • Small auxiliary/desk lights or headlamp, red is my preference, for log work before sunrise. I was struggling to get my radio configured and my log setup before the sun came up.

    I am eager for your questions and feedback!


    What's going on with our instance?

    I admire @[email protected] for configuring and maintaining the instance, one can only imagine how much work goes into it—thank you mate for giving us an instance catered to our interests.

    Has anyone else had any issues getting engagement or replies to their posts elsewhere on the fediverse when posting from this instance’s account?

    Lemmy Support 667

    Checking federation issue; can you see this post?

    Our instance upgraded to 0.19 and it seems there are some users experiencing issues with comments and posts being seen. Are you able to see this post?


    How did the geomagnetic storm this past weekend affect your contacts?

    I was atop Stone Mountain in Georgia this past weekend hoping for a glorious POTA activation, dragged my spouse and kids who braved the early (for them) cold and wind and setup the 7300 only to make a single park-to-park contact… from inside the park.

    How did you guys do during the weekend?

    0 Instance Admin - Please update the instance

    Certainly many of us use Voyager to access this instance, please update so we can continue to access our community.


    Brief poll: What kind of confirmation rates do you have in QRZ?

    Title. Methodology: Confirmed / total QSOs

    I’m at 22% and curious to see what others are encountering.


    Successful radio day!

    Brought the 7300 out and erected the 7-band OCF; it was huge! Literally. It spanned nearly 200’ in its longest dimension. While I could probably have done better if I were able to have gotten the feed point to 30’, I managed to make 24 contacts and participated in a 10-10 net via relay that I had chanced on while zipping around 10m.

    It was a beautiful day down in EL96, I setup the radio bench under the tree for shade and kept a close eye on the antenna in case someone wandered around it.

    Running barefoot, I managed QSOs with Namibia (7000+ miles), Chile, Spain, Costa Rica, and New Foundland. Amazing people all around.

    Got my mom spun up and handling the radio (we got licensed at the same time a couple years ago) and the contacts nearly poured in for her.

    An all around amazing day.

    E: Updated the photo; the klansman look was terrible. Do not recommend.


    First time on the air

    Was out in EL96 today at a park 65 feet up for my very very first Tech CQs on 10m. This past December I picked up an IC-7300 and finally got some time to go out. I put my kit together, wired the radio directly to the car battery and went whole hog. In one hour I logged eight contacts.

    While I have a 7-band OCF antenna I received as part of the starter kit, I don't yet have all I need to get it standing for portable ops, so I managed to turn up what seems like a quarter wave mag mount CB whip I found in the garage. I tuned it up with the built in tuner, ran barefoot at 100W and managed to QSO as far as 1700mi.

    I can't tell if it was propagation or local equipment configuration, but nearly all of my contacts were to the northeastern seaboard region, including one in Rochester, NY.

    The most distant contact was in DM79 Colorado, though he indicated he was picking me up out of the noise floor.

    Everyone I met on the radio was very charismatic, and I really REALLY enjoyed my first outing. In a few days I plan to haul my gear out again, including the OCF, plant it, and see where else in the world I can reach.

    #hamradio #amateurradio