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What's your list of banned brands?
  • I'm in the exact same situation, however the right shift key broke, and activates randomly. This laptop only ever moved between a cupboard and a desk, without the tiniest bump, but after a couple months of very light use the shift key breaks. I now have to have sticky keys enabled permanently.

    Also the only way to enable sticky keys on the login screen is to triple click the power button. You would thing they could just put a button for the accessibility accessibility menu next to the one for the keyboard layout switcher, but no.

  • glowie rule
  • love how they printed it out in dark mode.

  • Probability rule
  • I think having 0% as the 4th choice would have actually made it more interesting.

  • State of Text Rendering 2024
  • That is interesting. WASM seems like it's just a replacement for the TrueType hinting language (which is already a VM). So I guess it's benefiting from a more standardised and audited virtual machine.

    It's also fairly limited to what it can do (source):

    you can influence the process of mapping a string of characters into an array of glyphs, you can determine how those glyphs are positioned and their advance widths, but you cannot manipulate outlines, variations, line breaks, or affect text layout between texts of different font, variation, language, script or OpenType feature selection

    I don't see how the mentioned future drawing API will fit into that though.

  • State of Text Rendering 2024
  • Do you have a link for that, or a term I can search for? I'm not finding anything about it.

  • State of Text Rendering 2024
  • I'm not entirely sure how I feel about fonts containing WASM code... It feels like we're overcomplicating things a bit.

  • Flatpak haters seem to believe that if an app isn't on their distro's repos, it's the developers' fault.
  • They do? I've always seen that as being up to distro maintainers, and out of control of the devs.

  • "This pillow is now the property of Staredycat Inc, Charlotte division"
  • My cat is currently sitting on an identical pillow :)

  • The Case Against Car Ownership
  • "Curated by"...

    seems so.

  • Kate word characters
  • I'm pretty sure kate has different word selection rules for different languages. I have no idea how to configure these though.

  • What's Your Favorite IRC Client, and Why?
  • Has IRC been getting many new features recently? It kind of feels like the sort of thing where software can become "finished".

  • What did someone want to gift you the last time you wanted to turn down the gift (and why)?
  • Haha I read it as "foot bug zapper", as in a bug zapper you attach to your foot...

  • giraffe rule
  • I don't think this is specific to giraffes? I've seen sheep do the exact same thing.

  • KRunner vs Application Launcher (use cases?)
  • Krunner is better at displaying longer search results. The launcher truncates anything longer than 1 line. Dictionary definitions are an example.

    Krunner also keeps what was last typed in, which is very useful if I'm adding up a bunch of numbers, or if I need to switch to a different application before using the result.

  • Question: How does one open source their stuff?
  • and all future commits

    Not entirely true. As long as you hold the copyright to all of the code (there are no contributions from other people), you can change the license however you like. The important thing is that this only affects commits after the licence is changed. All earlier versions are permanently available under the license they were released with.

  • Is it possible for devices on an online group chat to toss a coin without trusting each other and the server?
  • Step 3 is where the issue occurs. The last party to submit their value has control over the output. Any complex calculations can easily be passed off as network lag. One solution I can think of is to pass the values round in a circle, one by one. This would require each party to share their value before they have seen all other values. At the end each party would share their calculated values to verify they match. Probably other solutions as well.