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Fuck Draymond Green
  • Back then they’d let it go and it was more similar to a hockey enforcer role. Pomeranian Green isn’t defending his guys, he’s deliberately taking their best player out. What a shit cunt, as we say in my country.

  • Fuck Draymond Green
  • The one that got me is his recent interview on Shaqs podcast where he admitted he thinks fighting the best player on the other team so that they’d both get tossed was a net positive for his team. He talked about it like it was a legitimate basketball strategy and not what a loser would do.

  • Luka puts Gobert on skates to take the lead with 3s left. Mavs take game 2.
  • I’m wondering where the wolves go from here. Really got to revisit their defensive scheme and work out what to do about boards. IMO putting Edwards on boards and running the offense through another ball handler might work.

    Without Naz this game today is close to a blowout.

  • Anthony Davis, Victor Wembanyama, Rudy Gobert Headline 2023-24 NBA All-Defensive Team
  • Recentish I think. Either last year or this year was the first year. They’re doing the same with all the teams I think. Hence Wemby, Chet in rookie team.

    Does seem kind of ridiculous, not sure how you could play a 4 centre line up unless Davis and Wembanyama played the 3 and 4 as wings.

    No idea where you play Bam.

  • Woke Side of the Moon
  • Ain’t this the girl that represented OJ in a previous life.

    No. It’s not. It’s the woman who married the lady that used to be married to the guy that defended OJ. The guy who defended OJ is dead - Robert Kardashian.

  • Helldivers 2 community manager says internal discussions are ongoing regarding mandatory PSN account link
  • You can go back to Counterstrike for that. Was a free mod for half life, then one day you needed Steam to play it. It’s how Steam was released and part of why there was such massive uptake early. Biggest game in the world at the time.