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Big, tough guy.
  • If that's how you perceived it, that's more of a you problem. I see a man that embraces peace after seeing the violence of war. Or a man capable of violence but prefers peace. If all you see is hate and violence ce that as I stated is a you problem.

  • The richest Dutch pay 28% tax while the rest pay 40% or more
  • Super late to the party but every comment in response to yours is incorrect or not the full reason for capital gains being taxed less than income tax. The economic justification for a lower tax rate on capital gains relative to ordinary income is threefold: it is not indexed for inflation, it is a double tax, and it encourages present consumption over future consumption. The biggest being the last point, the gov't wants people investing, borrowing and spending so the lower tax is an incentive to keep your money in the .arket and not in a savings account or under your mattress.

    I shouldn't have started by saying the other comments are wrong, but they all seemed to miss the actual reason you were asking about.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • Just started a molded fo4 playthrough because the whole series was like $20 on steam. My intentions before settling on fo4 was 100% to get rdr2 but nixed that when I saw it was still like $50-$60 on steam.

  • I'm writing this from a crappy laptop with 2GB of RAM and a dull screen.
  • In 1000 years this meme/tweet/post will be what my entire generation's existence will be known for. Noone will remember the politics, the disasters, the geopolitical events good or bad, they will remember our entire world and existence ad the only time that technology advancement was driven by the big tech mafia trying to see how far it can get it's dick in your digital footprint.

    It's the new cops v robbers or bootleggers v prohibition race. Our tech is getting faster to out run the corporate fuckin maleare but the faster we go the more they stuff in so to the avg user they're ended with paying $6k for a GPU/cpu combo that runs at the same efficiency as my school library's c9mputer did running ms-dos running Oregon Trail in 1995. You are so confined by only having access to functions with massive fuckiing app buttons that even logging in as a guest user req you to memorize every CLI ever made.

    It's become my defining "I don't want to live in this world anymore"

  • 24 of the best free alternatives to the most popular paid software
  • Dafuq is freecad? It sounds waaaaaay too good to be true. Maybe above hot singles in your area want to fuck lol. I had a software I was using that let you use it free x amount of times but all you had to do was clear your cache/data each time it was triggered to expire and you had a fresh set of uses. Can't remember the name I'll jave to look it up.

  • The American Justice System
  • Whoa whoa whoa you ignorant fuck. America wasn't even a country when most indigenous tribes were wiped from the Americas. We have the Spaniards and French to thank for that. But even still, 90% of the native population was slautered during colonization of the America's. The Trail of Tears was really America just taking credit for it all.

  • The American Justice System
  • The constitution is written to protect the people from the government. Whether or not it should still be taken at face value is another conversation. The reason a felon cannot vote but can run for office is to keep legislation honest and prevent, for example a power hungry sitting president or any official, from passing laws that would be used to incarcerate the opposing candidates. It's to keep Trump from saying anyone with a last name rhyming with riden is a convicted felon and cannot run for office. It's what Putin does year in and year out.

  • The American Justice System
  • Jesus fuck the laundry list of shit you could pin him with is endless so why the fuck would you need to make shit up? They literally did not find him liable for rape. He was found liable for sexual abuse. Why fuel the fire of misinformation when it's the fire the person you are speaking out against thrives on.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • This touches on what I find the most fuckin irritating about the current state of software decision. I bought this super generic run of the mill disk clean up software. In the past I've used similar software and the fucking spam for add on this amd plugin that or defend your pc with this... it's fucking insane. Finding burried files from apps I deleted years ago. Well this time I got lucky. I download it, run it. Doesn't ask me to sign up for shit, I don't have to make an account. No added features for blah.99$ The fucking shit just ran after install, batch fixed it all. Then in the final report flagged it's own fucking software as obsolete and quoued it up for delete. CUSTOMER FOR FUCKING LIFE. Who thr fuck is running these reports that must show customer retention is higher when you fuck them in the ass till they bleed green. I would pay fuckin 5x's the price of windows os if it meant I could play steam games on a windows system with Linux tiered performance and security. Why the fuck is cramming so much bloatware that you need to upgrade your whole system the new thing. Fuck windows, fuck Google, fuck samsung and youtube.YouTube.

    Edit: obligatory edit and shoutout to all the shitbag game developers too for thinking anyone fucking want another game that runs at 2 fps because it starts raining in the game. Fuck your 4k atari games. They're a fucking embarrassment to everyone who has worked in the industry.

  • Woman killed by her two XL bully dogs at home in east London
  • Idk if it's the same everywhere but in my experience in America I have came across a huge range of canine breeds owned by a huge range of human breeds (quality of person) and 100% of the time the human was a caring person that loved their dog the breed is unnoticeable. On the other side, when the human is subpar the breed of the dog is more noticeable as an inverse correlation to how shitty the person is.

  • Overthrow a Government and Install a Puppet Dictator? The CIA will do it for Bananas!
  • Meh not really that wild especially when FDR kinda opened the can of worms by disregarding the 150 year old precedent that president's should only serve 2 terms. He also failed in his attempt to permanently stack the SC proposing to expand the number of justices to 15. Despite his failure he was still able to annoit 8 SC justices while in office. Let's also not forget his refusal to support anti-lynching laws and the whole complete disregard to the constitutional policy and procedure.

    Not meaning to down play it but for OP's actual topic of discussion, The Business Plot doesn't even skim the surface of the CIA's depravity.

    Edit: This is entirely my opinion of the matter and I didn't mean it to be as discrediting to you point as it comes accross. The Business Plot was and still is completely fucked.