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There Is No Spinning How Poorly Sony’s ‘Concord’ Open Beta Went On Steam
  • quite insane that nobody has managed to beat tf2 gameplay yet

    helps that it has fanmade map scene and many become official maps frequently, which most modern studios dont support these days. Id guess valorant and overwatch would heavily benefit from community map designers creating something fresh for those games

  • Tennessee cancels driver’s license of 77-year-old Navy veteran saying he isn’t a US citizen
  • the customs there have insane powers to deny and fuck over pretty much anyone without oversight or culpability

    if your name looks even slightly middle eastern or have a passport from the wrong country then you will randomly get denied entry if the agent feels that way that day

  • We Remember Noam Chomsky, the Intellectual and Moral Giant
  • his problem seems to be that he's all in against US foreign policy, which leads to apologising for other countries shit policies because their actions are technically against US interest