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What is a MDM? Can it be wiped off, or is it ingrained in the motherboard?
  • you are probably thinking of computrace, a rootkit installed by sysadmins that lives in the bios and can install backdoors, brick the computer, and create police reports. if it's an old thinkpad chances are the subscriptions are probably expired and it will automatically deactivate after about 15 minutes on wifi on windows.

  • school chromebook

    you can use shimboot to make a live linux usb for your school chromebook


    How do I install the Linux

    My grandson recommended me to try Linux, but I cannot find where to download it. Many people tell me to use something called "Arch" but when I click the md5 file I only see a bunch of numbers. I found a download zip on, but when I make the usb, it says not bootable


    pixel camera services

    why is pixel camera services in my updates list? i don't use the google camera