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‘Death Occurs in the Dark’: Indie Video Game Devs Are Struggling to Survive
  • You basically got to have your own little reliable niche

    I think one big problem is originally. So many indie games are essentially clones of the games that the developers happened to like. Zelda-likes, rogue-likes, greyscale puzzle platformers about depression. There are literally hundreds of examples of the first two of these, and not as many but still weirdly a lot of the third. But without something to make it stand out, casual players will come across the game and think "This looks neat, but basically the same as about 4 other games in my wishlist that are already very well reviewed. Maybe if it starts getting rave reviews, I'll add it to the queue".

    Not to paint all indie games with one broad stroke, the most novel game ideas out there are also usually from indie studios. I don't have numbers and I don't know about longevity, but I bet that games with novel ideas get more initial downloads

  • shitpost
  • Even ignoring ev's, you can option almost every minivan on the market with 300hp. Any modern hot hatch will drive circles around what would've been a supercar in the 90s, let alone the 60s. There's plenty of things wrong with modern cars, but lack of power isn't one of them.

  • answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • But the actions taken by the model in the virtual environments can always be described as discrete steps.

    That's technically correct, but practically useless information. Neural networks are stochastic by design, and while Turing machines are technically deterministic, most operating systems' random number generators will try to introduce noise from the environment (current time, input devices data, temperature readings, etc). So because of that randomness, those discrete steps you'd have to walk through would require knowing intimate details of the environment that the PC was in at precisely the time it ran, which isn't stored. And even if it was or you used a deterministic psuedo-random number generator, you'd still essentially be stuck reverse engineering the world's worse spaghetti code written entirely in huge matrix multiplications, code that we already know can't possibly be optimal anyway.

    If a software needs guaranteed optimality, then a neural network (or any stochastic algorithm) is simply the wrong tool for the job. No need to shove a square peg in a round hole.

    Also I can't speak for AI devs, in fact I've only taken an applied neural networks course myself, but I can tell you that computer architecture was like a prerequisite of a prerequisite of a prerequisite of that course.

  • answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • It's totally statistics, but that second paragraph really isn't how it works at all. You don't "code" neural networks the way you code up website or game. There's no "if (userAskedForThis) {DoThis()}". All the coding you do in neutral networks is to define a model and training process, but that's it; Before training that behavior is completely random.

    The neural network engineer isn't directly coding up behavior. They're architecting the model (random weights by default), setting up an environment (training and evaluation datasets, tweaking some training parameters), and letting the models weights be trained or "fit" to the data. It's behavior isn't designed, the virtual environment that it evolved in was. Bigger, cleaner datasets, model architectures suited for the data, and an appropriate number of training iterations (epochs) can improve results, but they'll never be perfect, just an approximation.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • I can't get into single player games either. Interacting with NPCs just doesn't do it for me and to me they're a tedious way to get a narrative. I hate having to grind to get to the next plot-point only to get stuck behind a boss and by the time it's beaten, I've forgotten the plot. If I'm going to entertain myself alone, I'd rather watch a movie or show, read a book, or work on a project than play through a single player campaign.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • I can only play Minecraft with other people, and really even then I'm really not all that into it, for me it's just a good excuse to hang out over voice chat.

    Honestly it's not much different then fishing come to think of it...

  • if the Roku app is having playback issues, try turning on "Text Subtitles Only" in playback settings

    TL;DR if the Roku app is failing to play back some videos recently, try turning on "Text Subtitles Only" in playback settings

    So I'd been having this issue where certain videos would fail to playback in the Roku player (but only on Roku, playing from the Android app, the browser, or directly all worked). The video would get stuck buffering at 33%, but after a minute or so it'd finally stop with "There was an error retrieving the data for this item from the server". Transcoding issue? I'd been trying to figure this issue out for a few hours over the course of a few days. I don't recall having this issue before mid-December, and as I learned today apparently there was a big update to the Roku app.

    Anyway, my first real clue was using "ffmpeg -i video.mp4" to compare the codecs of a known working video and a not working video. The non-working video was showing an issues with subtitles. So after poking around in the Roku client's settings I saw the "Text Subtitles Only" option in playback settings, and enabling it worked!

    Hopefully someone sees this and it saves them a headache. I had to postpone my personal movie night like three times trying to figure this out


    Feature request: make "Scrolling past Post marks as read" toggle accessable from the main feed

    Pretty much title. Sometimes I want to see new content, sometimes I want to go back and look at old content. It's a little exhausting having to jump into settings to hit that toggle, and it would be really cool if we could switch it from the top bar or in the three-dot menu in the top bar


    Request: option to auto-hide nav and title bars

    Scrolling down hides them, scrolling up they come back. I like being able to see more content at a time, it'll make the app feel less claustrophobic.


    [Feature Request] Haptic feedback on minimizing comment chains

    Infinity for reddit used to vibrate briefly when comment chains were minimized (same way, press and hold). I got really used to that feedback.

    Also related, but an option to disable the animation for minimizing comment chains would be cool. The slide is kind of disorienting to me