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About the ads thing in 128
  • It does not matter how you feel about Googzilla. Spyware is spyware. And this is just one of many aspects of spyware built into and sneakily added by Googzilla.

    That's why there are forks like LibreWolf that remove that nonsense, because people aren't sitting back and letting Googzilla run it into the ground.

  • I noticed a white hue on the top of the screen and ONLY on the homescreen. I thought it was a Fairphone 5 issue, but now i noticed it on my Nothing Phone 2a (photo)as well. What is it?
  • So it might be that Fairphone is not aware how to make the notification bar transparent. It's a setting in android development they can enable. (Disclaimer: I'm not a developer.)

    With that in mind, they seem to be saying it was intentional to hide their lack of knowledge. It's simply unreasonable that any developer would want such a hideous defect permanently at the top of the home screen.

    On a positive note, I believe android 15 is supposed to correct this when the developer does not.