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Trying Linux after using Windows for decades
  • Is this happening on Ubuntu, or are people just saying it might happen cos they don't trust canonical?

    Also, Mint Debian edition exists and works just fine. I have it on a brand new Intel laptop

  • People are forgetting an important lesson
  • Well, because straight earth as in mudbrick (or concrete, normal bricks etc) is not insulation. That's thermal mass. It stores energy. Insulation (like strawbales) slows heat movement. So you need insulation on the exterior and thermal mass on the interior for a properly thermally regulated building.

    At 2 inches thick of limestone, you can sure bust it up with a sledgehammer or similar. A punch won't do much more than hurt your hand. Still, if you take tools to the majority of homes they break quite fast.

    Couldn't say houw tall they can get but from memory I think I've seen 3 stories? Over that you're talking more full on construction. I've seen a 4 story using super bales that was in an commercial carpentry shop

  • People are forgetting an important lesson
  • I built my own strawblae house and have worked on half a dozen others. I have designed 3 award winning homes, one of them was strawbale.

    Mice aren't a problem, the walls are sealed with clay (inside) and lime (outside) render, the mice can't get in.

    Same with fire, the straw is tight and sealed, they don't burn. In huge bushfires in southern Australia a few years back, several families sheltered I a strawbale home as the fire passed.

    Moisture not a problem if you have proper eaves and footings, which you will cos you design it properly, right?

    Loads of massive benefits over brick or stick built.

    I have no data on wolves sorry, but definitely dropbear proof

    Happy to answer any questions.

  • Followup on the vehicle "kill switch" mandated by the Infrastructure Bill
  • Also walkable towns and cities. Also public and community spaces. Also strong interconnected communities. All these things are bad for capitalism and the ruling class and their enforcers though so don't expect to see any change in the policy of dismantling communities

  • Lex fridman is Joe Rogan in a suit
  • A lot of ideas don't deserve a platform or airtime and people need to realize that. The world is getting more fucked every day because people think that conservatives, fundamentalists, corporations and their bootlickers, and all the other fascist scum have a right to spew their shitty ideas for everyone to hear. Those ideas are sorthless though and they need to be silenced.

  • My first homebrew successor chapter.
  • Yeah love it. The idea of their big chapter quirk being that they love the old style armour is fantastic.

    And obviously, those landscapes are nuts! I wonder if you could do some extra gold trims, flourishes, embroidered capes etc as well? Check out some German/HRE armoyrs from the 1500s