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Some feedback

  • hold to collapse (or customizable comment hold action) would've been nice to have!

  • some tabbed menus can't be swiped through.

  • Post swipe gestures are quite unreliable and often get registered as scroll gestures.

  • Chat/messages layout is really nice!

  • I think actions like upvoting should have some sort of immediate feedback (click -> soft color -> wait for action to complete -> bright color)

  • it supports ukrainian language, which is a nice bonus for me

  • I answer first to the last point (6), the translation is probably very low quality, I think natives will probably yell at me.

    I agree with scroll/swipe (3) and feedback on actions (5): I can assure I will do something for the latter whereas for the former gestures just don't play well together and so far didn't find a workaround.

    As long tap to toggle collapse on comments (1) it is a nice idea, thank you! I'll add it as soon as possible. Swipeable tabs (2) were not implemented by choice, but having the gesture on the tab control at least, I agree, can be handy and users will expect it.

    Thank you again... I'll probably release a new version in the weekend so stay tuned.