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AskGaybrosOver30 Lemminary

I'm kind of done with dating, but I don't want to be. Anybody else?

I've been dating since I was 16 and the longest relationship I ever had was a year where I felt relatively comfortable. Nowadays I feel like I have to sleep with an eye open, so to speak, because my trust in others is gone. Too many heartbreaks, too much cheating, manipulation, dirty lies, and disappointments. Just all-around shittiness for nothing to show.

And despite all that, I'm still hopping on dating apps and meeting people on outings to find that someone. I want to believe that I can find someone compatible who I can trust. But even if I put my biases aside it still feels like a lost cause.

Does anybody have a similar experience? Has anyone gotten over this? I need some hope or advice, guys.